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Coworking survey reveals the top space amenities

This is an installment in an ongoing series highlighting statistics from a recent Coworks survey of coworking space operators and managers. The goal is to illustrate the scope of their daily responsibilities and answer the question, "Which integrated services do you currently offer your members?"

The top responses indicate a mix of expected business staples along with some innovative offerings.


These supplementary amenities beyond the core of workstations and meeting rooms provide major member convenience while allowing managers to test more novel community partnerships attracting niche audiences.

At its core, integration means seamlessly embedding amenities and services into the daily experience of a space. Rather than feeling like tacked-on offerings, integrated features feel like natural, frictionless extensions of the location for members.

Instead of requiring extra logins, clunky instruction manuals, or having to coordinate disjointed vendors, integrated amenities like door access, printers, workshops, food services, etc. simply contribute to the workspace ecosystem via unified digital platforms and consistent real-world user journeys.

Coworks delivers this through aligning key functionalities like door access control, CRMs, accounting, equipment settings, and more under a single dashboard. For the end user, everything flows transparently. For the manager or operator, centralized coordination and data condenses hassle considerably.

The ultimate motivation is supporting members by making the space feel like an effortless second home base ripe with tools and care to unlock their potential. Integration provides the foundation. Hospitality and service bring it all to life.

Balancing bespoke member requests with sustainable services benefiting the whole remains an art — but the rewards justify the effort.

Let's explore top amenities in detail:

Door Access 

Keycard and mobile access systems like Kisi, DoorDeck, PDK, Brivo, and Salto KS help streamline entry logistics for security and accurate tracking. Integrations with access control platforms allow frictionless hall passes too.


Business-grade multifunction printers from vendors like eZeep check the box for printing, scanning, faxing, etc. while minimizing jam headaches.


Enterprise-grade wifi and wired connectivity from providers like IronWifi keeps businesses running with minimal lag, dropout frustration, or dead zones through access points, mesh networks, and ample bandwidth. 

Virtual Offices

Virtual office tiers enable flexible mailing addresses, float-in desk rates, and admin support on-demand for remote teams looking to touchdown. 

Mail Services 

From basic distribution and delivery to scanning, sorting, and notification workflows, mail management removes significant client hassle.


While kitchen snacks, coffee, and vending deliver quick on-site fuel, consider regular meal pop-ups, catering tie-ins, and discount arrangements with cafes or restaurants for additional niche member pampering.


Children's play spaces, secured child minding, parenting rooms for nursing, and family programming draw growing demographics of digital nomads and location-independent families. 


Back and knee friendly furniture, ergonomics seminars, relaxation zones, air purifiers, fitness classes, massage therapy, and other wellness-supporting amenities target member health.

Blush Cowork and the serious business of working parents

Flexibility is great when it comes to work hours, but less so when children have teacher workdays, track out weeks, or long holiday breaks. How does this vibrant coworking space do both?



Can you actually customize coworking convenience?

Balancing specialty services like childcare or wellness against more universally desired offerings comes down to usage data, member surveys, and community dialogues. 

Provide flexibility by bundling add-on amenity access through premium membership tiers too. Coworking thrives on customization meeting unique user journeys. The diverse mix of amenities reported in the survey results indicates spaces thoughtfully responding to distinct member voices. Hospitality means listening first.

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