Capture leads. Curate relationships. Convert prospects.



Keep your membership pipeline full with the Coworks leads database

You’re working so hard to attract new members to your coworking space. But capturing leads is tricky, with paid advertising, and so many people attending events, visiting members, renting your space… and spreadsheets aren’t good enough anymore.

Organize and track leads in a lightweight, easy to use CRM

Coworks automatically captures contacts when guests check in or you send guest invoices. You can convert them to a lead with one click.

Day pass and conference room bookings

Outside event space rentals

Member visitors

Prospective tours

Sort, filter, and stay connected to your coworking leads

Segment your leads as cold, warm, or hot based on their interest level. Include notes to help you remember key information, such as a referring member or an event they attended. 

You can filter your leads by those temperatures, by campus, by how the lead was created, or by whether or not the member is active.


The Coworks Leads Database can connect to CRMs including:

And more!


Turn a lead into a member with one click

Once a lead signs up to join your coworking space, you can promote that lead to a member right in your admin dashboard, creating a single member or a team.

Ready to see how it works?