A prescription for healthier coworking spaces

If you've been reading up on the latest trends in coworking spaces, you'll know that health and wellness have become the kale smoothie of the coworking world.

They know they need it. They know it's good for them. But starting healthy habits is the hardest part! That's why coworking spaces can take the lead in helping members put their wellness front and center in their day.

Offering health and wellness amenities isn't just a way to attract new members, but can also ensure the productivity and happiness of your existing members. So strap on your Fitbit and join us as we explore the quirky, the sensible, and the downright essential health and wellness amenities you can incorporate into your coworking space

Take a breath of fresh air with indoor greenery

coworking spaces indoor greeneryWe're not talking about the sad little cactus sitting in the corner. We mean an actual indoor jungle! (Well, maybe not quite that extreme.) Adding plants to your coworking space not only jazzes up the aesthetic, but it also purifies the air and reduces stress levels. Talk about multitasking! 

Take it up a notch with a living green wall or a small indoor garden, and watch your members channel their inner Jane of the Jungle as they swing through the vines of productivity.

Chill out in relaxation zones

Work can be stressful, and sometimes, all you need is a place to unwind. Create relaxation zones in your coworking space, equipped with bean bags, hammocks, and ambient lighting. Heck, throw in a soundproof booth where members can scream their frustrations away!

A little R&R never hurt anyone, and providing that escape may just help your members get back to work with a clear and focused mind.

Get physical with exercise facilities

coworking spaces exerciseIf we're honest, most of us are guilty of sitting on our ever-expanding derrieres for far too long while working. It's time to get your members moving! Set up a mini-gym with some basic equipment, or a dedicated yoga and meditation room to help them find their zen. 

Put a Peloton bike, a couple Kettlebells, and a TRX strap system in an unused office and let your members book 30 minute sessions to get their sweat on!

You could even go the extra mile by organizing weekly group workouts, dance classes, or wellness workshops. Your members will thank you as they go from flab to fab, all while breaking a mental sweat in your coworking space. (And make sure your have software that helps members book these resources easily and efficiently!)

Beat the snack attack with more nutritious nibbles

Don't underestimate the power of a well-stocked kitchen! Keeping your coworking space stocked with healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, nuts, and granola bars, can make a world of difference. Say goodbye to the dreaded 3 PM slump and hello to a happier, more energized workforce.

And hey, if you want to treat your members to the occasional pizza party, we won't judge. Just remember to balance it out with some carrot sticks and hummus!

Offer pet therapy with furry friends

coworking spaces dogsSpending time with animals has been shown to lower stress levels, increase happiness, and even improve cardiovascular health. Consider allowing well-behaved pets into your coworking space or partner with a local animal shelter to host pet therapy sessions.

Just make sure to set some ground rules to avoid the canine equivalent of office politics. We don't need any "ruff" days at work!

Let them catch some Z's with nap pods

We've all been there: the midday slump hits, and we're suddenly fighting the urge to crawl under our desks and take a snooze. Well, why not make that an actual possibility? Invest in a few nap pods or create a dedicated nap area for your members to recharge their batteries.

Napping has been shown to boost productivity, creativity, and work life balance.

All these ways to help your members with their health and wellness are differentiators for your community. 

You’re taking care of the body, but don’t forget the mind

But you can go even further and expand services and conversations to mental health as well. We had an amazing conversation with Laura Shook Guzman about founder mental health and creating a psychologically safe space for your members to achieve that actualization where they're innovating and collaborating.


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