Help working parents to both parent and work


When you combine coworking and childcare, you serve an entire family

Coworking spaces are communal and collaborative. So are childcare spaces. But as any working parent knows, it’s hard to get any meaningful work done with children around. And it’s hard to be a mindful parent with work hanging over your head.

Today, more and more dual-purpose communities offer space to help working mothers and fathers be productive and professional, while offering a safe and close environment for young children to have a great childcare experience. 

Coworks software is highly effective for these flexible spaces, offering operators a way to:

  • Organize and schedule rooms and offices
  • Manage bookings for tools and resources, such as printers, tools, whiteboards and more
  • Track usage per discipline for funding and reporting purposes
  • Host networking events for mentors, speakers, and workshops
  • And more

Ready to see how it works?