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Chamber of Commerce and Coworking software
What does a Chamber of Commerce have to do with coworking?

Each local Chamber of Commerce is tasked with elevating its local business community.

Coworking spaces can help a Chamber of Commerce connect with local business owners who don't have or don't need dedicated office space. They can be a magnet for events and meeting space rentals.

A coworking community can generate non-dues related revenue for the Chamber, as non-members join for access to amenities, for community, and for convenience.

And Coworks software makes it run seamlessly.

Automate your space and focus on your members

With the Coworks software platform, your Chamber of Commerce can:

➡️ Let members book meeting rooms, hotdesks, and offices exactly when they need them.

➡️ Offer a convenient, customizable Mobile App for to help with bookings, calendars, events, and settings.

➡️ Share and promote all Chamber-related and local events in the Mobile App and on your web site.

➡️ Create a seamless and touch free check-in process to track usage, visitors, and tours.

➡️ Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for internal scheduling.

➡️ Get valuable occupancy and space utilization data to inform configuration and space management.

➡️ Create an easy to use directory to help employees connect and collaborate

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