Coworks solutions integrate with KISI

Kisi Access Control coworking space

Protect your coworking community with Kisi access control

One of the main benefits of coworking is the flexibility — members can come and go as they need.

Keyless access systems allow your members to use your space safely and securely. And Coworks coworking software integrates with the KISI access control system. 

Coworks allows your managers to add members to KISI during registration or removal, reducing administration time and streamlining the add/remove process. Everything is visible on the Coworks dashboard.

And Coworks and KISI let managers grant temporary access to visitors who book meetings or day passes through your site!

Learn more about KISI access control for your flex and coworking operation

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Open the door to an integrated member experience with KISI and Coworks

An artist, an accountant, and a coder walk into a coworking space... and get right to work!

Because they're members and it's super easy to open the door safely with KISI — and get automatically checked in.

KISI access control integration with Coworks coworking software is an excellent choice for independent workspace operators, as it provides them with an easy-to-use and efficient way to monitor who has access to their space.

It also helps improve security by only allowing access to authorized users and keeping out any potential intruders. With KISI access tools integrated into the Coworks dashboard, workspace owners have complete control over who is entering their space and have peace of mind that their workspace is well-protected from unauthorized entry.

Not to mention that KISI ensures fast and secure access control for users— which means quick check-in for members and the ability to set up custom access rules . That gives added flexibility in managing the workspace.

KISI's simple installation process saves time on setup making it ideal for independent operators running tight schedules. KISI integration not only allows independent workspace operators to increase security but also deliver a safer and more streamlined member experience within their space.