Door access that's so easy, it's actually hard to imagine 

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Installed by professionals. Used by just about anyone.

For over a decade, ProdataKey has helped businesses open — and close — their doors. 

Coworking spaces in particular use their network of trusted installers to identify the exact right solution, and configure it precisely how their members need it. 

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Protect your members, your space, your community

Have you ever thought of how much access control can really do for you? It's not just about unlocking doors — it can really be a magic key to a world of convenience and added features, particularly for coworking operators.

Members use their mobiles as their 'key' to enter the space. And if, let's say, someone falls a bit behind on their membership fees? No worries, their access is automatically paused until they're back on track. This feature can certainly make managing memberships a breeze!

But there's more to it. With access control smoothly working together with time-and-attendance and visitor management systems, administrators can effortlessly keep tabs on who's in the premises. Combine that with the data and reporting capabilities of Coworks, and you'll have a comprehensive view of your space performance.

Now, picture your access control system tied in with a video management platform. As access events happen, they're automatically displayed, and relevant video clips are linked to event logs. Pulling up information has never been easier!

ProdataKey is a US-based access control company that integrates with Coworks space management software.