Shared lab spaces are experiments in innovation

Combine innovation and collaboration with hybrid lab space and the result is cutting-edge flexibility

Shared lab spaces are experiments in innovation
shared lab space software

Bring the culture of coworking to life science startups

Transform how scientific entrepreneurs do business with an environment and workspace that empowers innovators to grow quickly, while streamlining financial investment.

From a single bench to full team of scientists, Coworks helps you help burgeoning researchers scale.

What is flexible lab space?

Drawing on the concept of coworking and space-as-a-service, this model is revolutionizing the way scientists, researchers, and startups access and use lab space. 


With Coworks software, your shared lab can:

➡️ Organize and schedule shared lab space, benches, meeting rooms, and offices.

➡️ Let members schedule time on shared equipment such as tissue culture rooms, autoclaves, deionized water, gas, vacuum and ice machines.

➡️ Assign permissions according to usage skills and training.

➡️ Track usage of resources and take them offline as repairs are needed

➡️ Encourage collaboration and networking among participants

➡️ Host networking events for mentors, speakers, and workshops

And more!

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