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4 key amenities for any coworking space

With 2020’s move to remote work, more workers than ever are working in hybrid or remote work environments. However, working from home isn’t for everyone, and more people are gravitating towards the office experience that coworking spaces can provide.

According to Statista, the number of people working in coworking spaces worldwide is predicted to double between 2021 and 2024, reaching five million people. However, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what coworking works best for modern workers. Because we provide coworking management software for so many spaces, we’re familiar with some of the amenities that provide the most value for tenants. 

It’s not as simple as providing a ping pong table and choosing trendy furniture— people want a space that invigorates them to work and grow. They want a space that suits their needs, whether are working parents, entrepreneurs, service professionals, or members of distinct communities. That’s why it’s important for coworking spaces to be mindful of what amenities make their spaces attractive to your ideal tenants. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide with some key amenities to prioritize for your coworking space!

1. Places for coffee breaks and happy hours

Having a steady coffee supply and opportunities for other beverages or snacks makes every work day better. Sometimes it’s important to have that walk away from your desk and get that coffee, talk to coworkers or peers, and have a moment away from the grind. That’s why having a coffee area and even a bar is so important for a thriving coworking space.

In addition, because coworking spaces give workers the opportunity to network and connect with people working all sorts of businesses, it provides the opportunity for more connection within your coworking community. Having a coffee shop or bar means that your space can host happy hour or coffee break events, host networking socials for different industries, and even just have a place for your tenants to grab a drink. 

At Coworks, we provide the coworking management solutions to help coworking spaces provide these important break and gathering areas, so we know first hand how well it works for tenants of these spaces. Our software provides the capability to create and run events, analytics on how many people are in your space, automated payments, and even sharing information on resources like the coffee station. These spaces make coworking spaces feel more like an office community and can make more workers gravitate towards your space. Especially if it’s well managed and integrated with a management system like Coworks, it can be a key perk your tenants utilize again and again. 

2. Tech-enabled conference room and meeting spaces 

Meetings are a reality for all kinds of businesses, large and small. For that reason, it’s paramount for coworking spaces to have meeting spaces that are flexible and can serve a variety of needs. With Coworks management software, tenants can book conference rooms and even equipment to run their meetings with ease. With bookings run on the Coworks app, the coworking space owner can track the use of the rooms and make sure double bookings do not occur. In addition, we offer the capability for outside organizations to book space, which can introduce new tenants to your coworking space. 

Beyond having checkin capabilities, coworking spaces should prioritize having well-designed, spacious rooms, with appropriate dongles or devices to ensure that every rentable room is meeting ready. That way, you can ensure that all meetings can run smoothly with few distractions. 

3. Digital check-in and building access 

Many coworking spaces come with the possibility for digital check-in or the possibility for card access to the facility outside of typical hours. While many businesses do operate in the 9-5 range, some workers may do technical work on the weekends or later into the evening. Offering the possibility for membership only on the weekends or separate hours could help you reach tenants in less traditional types of work. In addition, having digital check in not only makes it easier on staff, but easier on all your tenants that need to check in throughout the day. 

Coworks offers automated check-in and software to help manage different types of entry and data on these different types of memberships. The whole check-in and swipe in experience can be that much more streamlined with a digital solution managing it all. With more workers getting used to cloud technology and automation in the wake of COVID-19, having that contactless check in and entry can give businesses and workers peace of mind. Overall, having these digital capabilities will make it easier on workers, staff, and even sanitation protocols. 

4. Helpful and attentive staff 

More important than anything else, your people are truly what makes a coworking space stand out among the rest. By having a passionate team ready to help tech workers and entrepreneurs alike in your coworking space, you can make your facility truly feels like a community. That’s why, at Coworks, we focus on technology focused on streamlining operations for property owners and coworking space employees. By being able to handle multiple locations, room bookings, the member directory, tour requests, and everything in between, you’ll know how to best to staff locations or events and support your employees as they help your tenants. 

With your team and technology working together to create a productive environment, even greater things can be accomplished in your coworking space. In addition with analytics, you can see how each part of the facility is working and how you can make improvements. 

Need help with managing your coworking space?

Beyond all of these amenities, using coworking management software is a key way to bring your coworking space to the next level. If you’re interested in utilizing software to manage your facilities, we’d be happy to help! 

Our mission at Coworks is to empower coworking space owners and operators, through automation, analytics, and communication to optimize their business and enhance the community experience, so they see growth in their space.

We strive to make coworking more accessible and more efficient for all and to be the driving force and brand for the future of work. Coworks is not just a software platform, it is the engine behind a shift in the workplace, a shift in culture. We are building a community and redefining the workplace and employee of tomorrow with an attention to detail and a focus on innovation.

Learn all about Coworks on our features page or watch a short demo to see how it works!

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