Cultivate a space for healing and growth

For therapists, addiction specialists, and wellness professionals, the coworking model can unlock new potentials in care delivery.

coworking and wellness

With Coworks software, your practice can:

➡️ Let member-practioners reserve rooms for 1:1 sessions or larger spaces for groups and classes

➡️ Offer clients contactless, private check-in alerts for their therapists

➡️ Enable members to book resources such as massage tables, white boards, sound baths, podcast studios, and more

➡️ Connect members for collaboration and referrals through the mobile app member directory

➡️ Encourage collaboration and networking among participants

➡️ Host and promote training, events, speakers, and workshops

And more!

The new model of therapy and wellness service is coworking.

Create spaces where healing is not just a private journey, but a collaborative, community-supported endeavor. And the right software enables more than operational excellence.

Coworking in the wellness and recovery world is not just about sharing a lobby; it's about reimagining the very essence of how we approach therapy and recovery. It's a call to come together, to share, to grow, and most importantly, to heal — together.

Coworks is designed for this.

How coworking spaces can work for therapy and recovery

In the heart of our bustling cities and quiet neighborhoods alike, a quiet revolution is taking place. It's in the way we view and approach wellness, therapy, and recovery. 

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