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Connectivity and collaboration for coworking

Designed for rapid-growing coworking industries, IronWiFi offers secure, reliable, and easy-to-use WiFi that integrates seamlessly with leading coworking platforms like Coworks. Enjoy the flexibility of hardware and software options, while IronWiFi handles network authentication.

How can your coworking space use IronWifi?

  • Unified Credentials: Synchronize member information securely with IronWiFi RADIUS for consistent login across devices and member portals.
  • Day Pass Management: Automatically deduct day passes when members access the RADIUS-based WiFi network.
  • Effortless Roaming: Provide seamless WiFi connectivity across multiple coworking sites, with comprehensive tracking of member usage.
  • Guest Engagement: Offer internet access to guests in exchange for contact details, turning potential visitors into paying customers.
  • Event-Specific Access: Grant guests WiFi access during public events at your space, limited to the event duration.

IronWiFi's integration in coworking spaces revolutionizes network management and user experience. It brings enhanced security, streamlined management, and a scalable infrastructure, making it the perfect choice for coworking spaces aiming to provide top-notch WiFi connectivity. With IronWiFi, create a productive, enjoyable workspace for everyone.

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