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7 ways coworking space software helps build your community

As the operator of a coworking space, you know that a vibrant and engaged community is key to your success. Because coworking isn’t just desks and wifi. It’s the people.

And while building relationships with your members is important, it's equally important to have the right software in place to help you automate and optimize your space. Coworking space software can help with everything from managing bookings and payments to tracking occupancy and member preferences. But it's not just about streamlining operations. Your software should also have the features you need to cultivate a thriving community, like member directories, event management tools, and communication channels. With the right software, you can focus on building relationships while your technology takes care of the rest.

Here are seven key features your coworking space software needs to help cultivate the culture and support members to feel connected and engaged. 

1. Offer a mobile member app

As the owner of a coworking space, you understand the importance of creating a strong sense of community among your members. One way to foster this sense of belonging is by offering a mobile app exclusively for your coworking space members. An app allows you to facilitate connections among members beyond the actual physical space. 

Offer a mobile member app for your coworking spaceMembers can use the app to locate other members by skills or job title, to network and connect with each other. It also allows you to push relevant community news and events directly to members, keeping them engaged and up-to-date. By offering a mobile app, you can create a more connected community within your coworking space, one that is strengthened by the shared values and goals of its members.

2. Promote and manage events

Being a member of a coworking space can be both exciting and daunting. Exciting because of the opportunity to network and make connections, and daunting because adjusting to a new environment and people can be challenging. 

promote and manage events in your coworking spaceThat's why coworking spaces offer events for members to interact and build a sense of belonging and growth. These events can range from fun happy hours to masterclass-style workshops on topics related to business growth, personal development, upskilling, handicrafts, game nights and more. They are designed to be fun, educational and informative, and to help members not only make friends but also learn and grow in their professional lives. 

But what good is an amazing calendar of events if your members don’t know about them? Make events easy to find, learn about, and respond to. Ideally, you’ll have a member feed that comes up in your coworking app, just as the Coworks member app does. 

Plus, events that you create and promote through Coworks include some special functionality, such as:

  • Custom event parameters so members who share links out to their own networks are credited with those additional attendees. This is a great feature for social clubs and makerspaces where you want to inspire your members to refer new prospects.
  • Managers can define custom groups or internal segments so specific cohorts within your community can see and respond to events.
  • The ability to ‘add to calendar’ with a simple link in an event confirmation email, ensuring hopeful attendees don’t forget they wanted to be there!
  • External links to events so nonmembers can learn about opportunities and come discover your community.

3. Let members find and connect to other members easily

One of the super powers of coworking community managers is to connect people — you need a designer? I know one! Launching a photography business? Another team just mentioned new headshots!

But sometimes members of your community don’t want to broadcast their needs. So providing a searchable member directory is way your coworking software can empower a stronger sense of belonging. After all, your members are your greatest asset. That's why it's so important to have a platform that makes it easy for members to find and connect with each other. With a searchable member directory, people can quickly find others with similar interests, specific skills, or experience. This not only helps them build a network and find ways to collaborate, but also fosters a sense of belonging and engagement within your space. 

4. Make it easy to find resources and FAQs

We all know that a strong community is built on a foundation of trust, support, and knowledge sharing. That's why your coworking software should provide members with easy access to helpful resources and answers to FAQs. 

Of course, community managers are always the best source of information about the space and the community outside, but they have so much on their plate. Your space management software can help deliver information easily in a mobile member app:

  • Parking directions and suggestions
  • Local food spots and hidden gems
  • Personal services such as dry cleaners or notaries
  • The Wifi network and password
  • How to refill the coffee machine

The Coworks member app includes a resource section that can offer text, images, and links. That way all the information they need is right there where they can find it fast.

5. Make it easy to find and book room in your space

This might be the most elemental function of any coworking space management platform: booking a meeting room. But it’s surprising how hard some platforms can make that. And few things will frustrate members more than not being able to see what’s available and not being able to easily make and change bookings — even at the last minute.

meeting room scheduler in coworking spaceLooking for a meeting room can be a headache, especially when you have limited time on your hands. That's why your coworking software should be equipped with features that make it easy to find and book the right space for your needs. The Coworks member app offers a streamlined process. Plus last minute meeting room usage should be simple yet robust. Let members use tablets outside rooms to book a quick meeting, and make sure your software reflects that booking immediately. That’s how Coworks functions.

But it's not just a matter of convenience — a positive experience using your technology can contribute to a stronger sense of community. When members feel supported and empowered, they're more likely to stick around and continue growing their businesses alongside their peers. As a friendly and knowledgeable provider of coworking software, you have the power to provide that support and set your community up for success.

6. Use door access control systems that integrate into your software

You want your members to feel like they are part of a community, of course. One way to do that is by using a door access control system that integrates with your coworking space software. This seamless integration can make it easy for your members to access the space whenever they need to, without needing a physical key or waiting for front desk staff. Coworks integrates with providers like Salto, Brivo, and Kisi to deliver this kind of experience. And with Doordeck, all they have to do is open their Coworks app to open your door.

Not only is it convenient for them, it's also a great way to reinforce your commitment to providing a modern, tech-savvy space that fosters collaboration and innovation. It's a win-win for everyone involved! 

7. Grow your membership with convenient day passes

You already know day passes are a fantastic top of funnel tactic to attract prospective members. But not only do these passes bring in new energy and increase your community's strength, but they also offer visitors the chance to explore and experience all that your space has to offer. And best of all? Your existing members can easily share their love for your coworking space by inviting friends and colleagues to try it out with a day pass. 

The key to success with day passes is in the follow up. It’s important to nurture prospective members with a specific email sequence to stay top of mind, and share the amazing reasons that person should be part of your community.

Overall, software for coworking spaces isn’t just about operations. It should empower your and your staff to do so much more, amplifying your superpowers as community cultivators.

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