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WUN Systems to shut down: Coworks ready to help users migrate

Yardi announced that WUN Systems software for coworking and shared workspaces will be shut down and no longer available as of July 2023. This news has left many coworking managers and operators searching for alternative software to help manage their space.

The team at Coworks is here to help. Coworks is comprehensive coworking software that includes all the features of WUN Systems, plus additional ways to engage and cultivate a vibrant coworking community and culture.

“We understand how difficult it can be when migrating from one coworking operations platform to another,” says DeShawn Brown, CEO of Coworks. “We help operators do it all the time, and have an entire process in place. That’s why we’re ready to help WUN Systems users migrate their spaces onto Coworks platform, carrying over member data, billing information, room reservations, billing plans, event information, and resources.”

Coworks offers an intuitive interface to make the transition off WUN Systems stress free and straightforward. Our comprehensive selection of robust features are designed with the member experience in mind, giving coworking businesses all they need to keep members happy. With Coworks, businesses can make sure wherever they switch to doesn't negatively alter the quality of member experience.

“We know members are the most important part of any coworking operation,” Brown explains. “And while space managers want continuity in billing and facilities management, it’s the members who should have as smooth a transition as possible — so they don’t lose any functionality or see degradation in service.”

In fact, Coworks software is especially designed to deliver a delightful member experience. With a searchable member directory, active feed of events, and resource section, the customizable mobile member app is the front-facing experience for coworking space communities. The operators who run on the Coworks platform know their members will find everything they need, quickly and easily.

Coworks also offers flexible monthly and annual pricing plans that are based on the features operators need, not the size of their membership. That makes it easy for coworking and flex operations of any size to take advantage of the platform’s features without breaking the bank.

“We are committed to making sure our customers have access to great technology without having to compromise on cost or quality,” adds Brown. “We want everyone to have the best possible experience when migrating off WUN Systems software into our platform."

Coworks booking software also includes embedded web forms that enable operators to offer day passes, membership, external room booking and more right on their web site. And because Coworks is designed to help coworking spaces grow, the platform also includes a lightweight CRM, capturing prospective leads that can be nurtured into members. But if a coworking space uses a marketing platform such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, or Salesforce, Coworks has integrations ready  to connect and sync data between.

Speaking of integrations, if a coworking space on WUN Systems is using door access systems such as Kisi, Salto, or Brivo, Coworks is ready to migrate those integrations as well. 

Coworking spaces are raising the bar with their remote access systems. No longer do members have to worry about coming and going with safety and security worries. This is a huge advantage for anyone who needs specialized work space flexibility. Moreover, these systems free up staff from having to run door monitoring operations or manning the front desk area; enabling them to reserve needed resources for other useful matters.

At the time when Yardi first acquired WUN Systems, the platform served more than 80,000 members in just under 500 locations globally. Then, Yardi spoke of a commitment to space-as-a-service, which it now intends to end as of July 2023. Operators who rely on WUN Systems have an excellent alternative solution in Coworks.

“We’ve been committed to the coworking industry since 2018,” Brown says. “We watched operators build a movement of community-driven, flexible workspaces, and we worked alongside them to make it through COVID. Now the industry is evolving yet again as remote work and hybrid work are at the forefront of a post-pandemic life, and it’s never been a more exciting time to be a coworking space operator. I’m thrilled to welcome WN systems users into our own community!”

But it’s not just traditional coworking spaces that can migrate from WUN Systems to Coworks software. Unique communities that are member-driven and offer reservable spaces and assets can and do use the platform, including makerspaces that offer a range of tools and resources, wet lab and research facilities that welcome science startups, childcare-focused work spaces, innovation incubator programs, and academic entrepreneurship centers.

“While traditional coworking spaces play an integral role in offering a third space option for those who can work remotely, we also see a massive expansion of flexible communities that are built on the lessons of coworking,” Brown says. “They’re doing innovative, creative, and exciting things to serve their communities, and I’m proud our software helps them every step of the way.”

For more information about how you can make the switch from WUN Systems into Coworks coworking software before July 2023, please watch a demo or contact our team to learn more.

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