Cool Coworking Space Spotlight (4)

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

CoworkHERS: busting more than glass ceilings

CoworkHERS opened in Portland, Maine in 2017. The zeitgeist of the moment aligned with the mission: the potential for the country’s first female...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Lessons learned and shared at The Wright Village

Mel Wright is part of an entrepreneurial tradition. As a US veteran with a history of small businesses, she learns by doing and she leads by example.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Nexus Co-Work & Event Space

Nexus Co-Work & Event Space brings together community space, childcare, after school support, and coworking in Charlotte, NC. See how they do it.


What is Space-as-a-Service?

Space-as-a-service combines aspects of hospitality, retail, and commercial real estate into a friendly, affordable and flexible package that allows a...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

How SheSpace cultivates a culture of support

Stephanie and Katie Tsuru designed a women-centric space in Houston, Texas to address a need they felt: a welcoming space to network and get work...


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