Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

A new haven for musicians and creatives in Winston-Salem

An innovative space for music and community

In the heart of Winston-Salem, a new collaborative workspace, The CMPND (pronounced "The Compound"), is redefining what it means to be a community hub for musicians and creatives.

Founded by Spencer Aubrey, Montelle Lemon, and Alec Robinette, CMPND is not just a place — it's a movement. With its grand views of downtown and its diverse range of facilities, it stands as a beacon of creativity and collaboration. 

Take a tour of inspiration

"Our space overlooks downtown Winston Salem. Right outside, a park breathes life into our surroundings, setting the stage for a prospective 12-week spring performance series," Alec Robinette shared.

The heart of CMPND is its variety: from high top desks offering serene views for coworking, to a record collection corner, and even a podcast room doubling as DJ Spencer's teaching space. "It's a one-stop shop," Alec added, highlighting the design station, video studio, and music studio, all easily bookable through the Coworks app.

The origin story: a welcoming place for artists to grow

The journey to CMPND began with a simple yet profound conversation, after which Monty and Alex started looking for a space in 2022. Alec, with a finance background and a passion for supporting artists, organized networking events for artists in Winston Salem. "COVID changed everything. I realized we needed a space where resources and tools are all in-house for artists to create and collaborate," Alec recalled. Spencer, hailing from Arizona, shared this vision. "Finding community in a space has always been on my radar," he adds, emphasizing the interconnectedness that led to CMPND's inception.

Building a community beyond expectations

Spencer expressed his surprise at the community's eagerness for both social and educational events. "It's encouraging to see people seeking value, not just entertainment," he said. CMPND isn't just about creating music; it's about educating artists on the business of music, from managing finances to dealing with rejection. This holistic approach is shaping CMPND into a nurturing environment for artists at all stages of their journey.

Creating a hub for all aspects of the creative process

"Artists are entrepreneurs," Alec stated. CMPND isn't limited to musicians; it's a home for all creatives and the ecosystem that supports them. Videographers, engineers, and other professionals find a place here, drawn by the community and resources available. "We are here if you have an idea," Alec added, outlining the comprehensive support CMPND offers, from recording to performing.


An inclusive community with a clear vision

CMPND welcomes those who resonate with music and the arts. "If you appreciate the arts and are hungry for a community, this is your space," Spencer says. Alec adds, "It's about creating a supportive environment not just for artists, but for all who serve them."

CMPND: more than a space, a movement

In just a month since opening, CMPND has already begun to redefine the landscape for musicians and creatives in Winston-Salem. It's not just about providing a space; it's about building a community, sharing knowledge, and fostering growth. As Monty, another co-founder, says, "Let's flesh out your idea, record, shoot content, and put on a show." CMPND is a testament to the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities when creativity meets community.

We can’t overstate it: CMPND is more than a coworking space; it's a vibrant ecosystem fostering artistic and entrepreneurial spirit. As coworking space operators, there is much to learn from CMPND's model. It stands as an exciting example of how spaces can transcend their physical boundaries to become hubs of creativity, learning, and growth. Spencer, Alec, Monty, and their team are not just building walls and adding tech; they are cultivating a movement that resonates with the heart of Winston-Salem's artistic community.

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