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Raleigh Workup designs a new professional community

HILAIRE4E_photoby_ABIGAILJACKSON_(33of39)In the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, Hilaire Martin is reimagining coworking for the interior design world. 

Raleigh Workup, her latest venture, is more than a space — it's a community where collaboration and creativity intersect. We sat down with Martin to explore this innovative concept that is set to revolutionize coworking for designers after she selected Coworks as space management software.

In the design realm, a 'workup' is not just a term; it's the essence of a designer's vision and tactile presentation to a client. Raleigh Workup embodies this spirit, offering a welcoming hub where designers can bring their ideas to life. "It's where creativity meets presentation," Martin explains, highlighting the resonance of the term in the design community.

Designing a tactile haven

Raleigh Workup distinguishes itself with a vast library of samples, including fabrics, finishes, trim, lighting, and more. This physical space is pivotal for designers to touch, feel, and visualize their ideas. "Having a tangible library is crucial in our industry," Martin notes, underscoring the importance of a physical workspace in an increasingly digital world.

The community's educational aspect is a cornerstone of Raleigh Workup. Martin envisions workshops focusing on business acumen and design-specific skills. "Our goal is to empower designers not just creatively, but also in their business journey," she shares, highlighting the dual focus on skill and enterprise.

Raleigh Workup offers immense value to vendors by providing access to a larger community of design professionals. This synergy benefits both designers and vendors, creating a dynamic marketplace of ideas and products.

A prime spot to foster the tradition of solopreneurship

Strategically located near stone cutters, tile showrooms, and custom builders, and close to Meredith College and NC State University, Raleigh Workup boasts an ideal location. It taps into the local talent pool and resources, enhancing its appeal. Martin also reflects on the tradition of designers operating solo, noting how Raleigh Workup pioneers a community-based approach, fostering a dynamic network of collaboration and inspiration.

Designing a vision for the future

Martin's aspirations extend beyond Raleigh. She envisions Workup locations in other North Carolina cities like Wilmington and Charlotte, aiming to replicate this model of collaborative success across the state.

Hilaire Martin's Raleigh Workup transcends the concept of coworking spaces. It's a testament to the power of community in the design world, where collaboration and individual creativity coalesce to create something extraordinary.

📸 Abigail Jackson Photography 

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