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Make wifi work for your coworking space — and staff

Running a coworking space is no easy task. You've got a lot of balls to juggle - managing members, planning events, making sure the coffee supply is stocked. And in the midst of all that, you want your space to feel like a second home for members. Somewhere they can get comfortable, get connected, and do their best work. 

It's why so many spaces are looking into improving their wifi. Fast, reliable internet is just table stakes these days for any shared workspace. But who has time to research the best network hardware and manage a bunch of wifi logins? Isn't that what you pay your community manager for?

That's where IronWifi comes in. It's a wifi management system built specifically for coworking spaces like yours, designed to work seamlessly with popular management platforms like Coworks. 

The key word here is *seamless.* IronWifi integrates directly with your Coworks dashboard so members can log into wifi using their existing login credentials. No annoying password tickets or secondary logins to deal with. They just open their laptop, enter their Coworks username, and are online. Easy.

And because it's all linked together on the backend, IronWifi can automatically deduct day passes or track visitor numbers as members connect to wifi. Way better than having to sort all that out manually!

Basically IronWifi handles all the network management stuff — monitoring traffic, creating guest networks for events, generating analytic reports — so you and your staff can focus on serving members and growing your community. 

It just works the way it should. In our book, anything that makes running a shared workspace easier is a win for both owners and members. Happy, productive members usually lead to successful spaces with thriving communities. 

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