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Running a thriving coworking space is no small feat. Between member management, billing, scheduling, and marketing, it's easy to burnout trying to juggle it all manually. Thankfully, the right space management technology can take some of the tedious tasks off your plate, freeing you up to focus on building meaningful connections. 

Coworking management software like Coworks can be a total game-changer for your space. Here's a look at just a few ways the platform’s automation and optimization tools can make your life easier:

Smooth member billing and invoicing without the headache 

Billing members and tracking various plans is a surefire formula for frustration. Between monthly desks, dedicated offices, and casual drop-ins, keeping it all straight in spreadsheets is a recipe for mistakes. 

With Coworks, billing happens on autopilot. Members are charged automatically based on their plan, and you can see billing statuses and invoices in one centralized platform. Members can securely pay online through Coworks, saving you from chasing down checks. And integrations with payment processors like Stripe simplifies the process even further.

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The temptation to do it yourself can also be strong. Spreadsheets, simple forms, and shared docs might be easy to get up and running with, but in the end, they will cost you more time and effort. 



“The ease of the platform was number one,” said Kari Swirth, community manager at accelerator Irontek in Beloit, Wisconsin. “We used Optix previously and the ease of Coworks for our managers was like night and day. Plus the software team has been phenomenal with implementing, or listening to any questions or concerns, which, to me, is better than anything — just like being heard. 

We love having a Resources tab. We get so many questions every day, and we’re doing a better job of driving people to the app versus asking us every day. We just did a member survey and I had two or three comments of how much they enjoy using Coworks.”

Member information management on cruise control

It's virtually impossible to keep your members and their dizzying array of details organized manually. Between changing plans, billing info, key contacts and more, details inevitably slip through the cracks.

Coworks centralizes all that vital member data to prevent confusion. You'll be able to view every member's plan details, billing cycle, status, and more from their dashboard profile. The platform can even automate renewal notices and expiry alerts, so you never accidentally let someone's membership lapse. CRM integrations track leads, too. 

“And the CRM!” Swirth continued. “That was the number one thing. We needed a new database that has a CRM. We could have gone to HubSpot. But that could have been another expense on top of Optix. So it was nice to have that included. It's so important having it all in one space versus in my inbox. That was one of the hardest things to do — how do I keep track of my leads? I did a spreadsheet. I printed things off. I tried all the things. I needed a CRM. I needed something digitally that automated things. And so that was huge.”

Nick Beadleston from CommonPlace coworking had a similar experience. “We've already seen more sales from using the CRM. And we love the labels for cold, warm, and hot."

Optimizing space has never been easier

Trying to manually monitor desk and office availability across your entire space will make your head spin. You want to make sure you have room for new members without overbooking current members. 

“Switching to Coworks has been a game-changer for our coworking team,” said Elizabeth Eumont, controller at Propeller in New Orleans. “Our operations used to be across multiple platforms and spreadsheets and with Coworks, it’s all seamlessly integrated from membership sign-ups to room reservations. In short, Coworks has transformed our day-to-day coworking operations, freeing up our time to focus on providing an exceptional coworking experience to all of our members and guests!”

Coworks optimizes occupancy rates to prevent headaches. Members can easily book spaces themselves through the online member portal. The system tracks availability in real-time across the whole center, so you can see open desks and prevent double-bookings. Smart algorithms even recommend ideal spaces based on past bookings and preferences.

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The Coworks Occupancy feature is designed to give coworking operators a quick, accurate snapshot of how full your dedicated spaces are. 



Seamless meeting room scheduling 

Giving members access to meeting rooms is huge, but managing rooms via shared calendars and post-it notes inevitably leads to conflicts and confusion.

With Coworks, members can conveniently book rooms themselves online, integrated with their calendar apps like Google and Outlook. The centralized calendar eliminates double-bookings and gives you a real-time view of room availability. Members get a frictionless booking experience while you optimize room utilization. 

Powerful reporting for valuable insights

Successful management means tracking the right metrics — new member signups, utilization rates, revenue data, and more. Doing this manually requires tedious spreadsheet work. 

Coworks automates data tracking and generates visual reports with one click. You'll get tailored reports on member count, revenue, utilization, inquiries, and other key metrics to inform business decisions. Now you can easily identify popular plans, frequently booked rooms, and successful promotions.

“I used to work at Industrious as an Operations Manager,” said Alexandra Soto, Community Manager at LocalOffice in Bellaire, Texas. “They used Salesforce, Mailchimp, and some other platform created for them. I really like that everything is in one spot with Coworks. It’s a lifesaver and time saver. I really, really like this platform.”

For Haley Huie of the NC State University Entrepreneurship Clinic, data makes her job easier. "Coworks just gives me a much better finger on the pulse of what is going on in the ecosystem. It helps us make better connections, but it also really helps us manage all of the assets and resources that we need on a regular basis."

Coworks' automation and optimization tools streamline previously time-consuming tasks like billing, scheduling, and data tracking. This means less manual work and more time focused on your members. And since coworking is about experiences and connections, using technology to simplify operations should be standard operating procedure. Coworks creates a frictionless experience for members and managers, helping spaces thrive.

Take a self guided demo of the Coworks platform. Then schedule time with the team to explore specific aspects of the software and find out exactly how it can serve your needs out of the box, or what customizations are possible.

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Here are the three steps you need to take to evaluate and select the best coworking space management software for your team.


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