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Coworking survey reveals top amenity wish


This is an installment in an ongoing series highlighting statistics from a recent Coworks survey of coworking space operators and managers. The goal is to illustrate the scope of their daily responsibilities and answer the question, "Which integrated services would you like to add that you don't currently offer?"


Wellness amenities topped wish lists with 58.1% of respondents hoping to better promote community health and self-care. Additionally, over 25% called out upgrading food services as a priority tied closely to nutrition and sustainability.

These results confirm that modern coworking spaces play an invaluable role supporting occupational wellbeing — not just selling square footage. Let's explore inventive ways to lead by example around true member care.

A prescription for healthier coworking spaces

Offering health and wellness amenities isn't just a way to attract new members, but can also ensure the productivity and happiness of your existing members. 



Seek out holistic health partnerships

Rather than limiting wellness to basic gym discounts or ergonomic products, consider supplemental services amplifying a culture of caring:

  • Host pop-up Reiki, acupuncture, or massage therapy stations providing restorative touchpoints.  
  • Partner with nutritionists or life coaches for discounted assessments.
  • Invite mental health pros to lead meditation, anxiety coping, or mindfulness sessions.
  • Arrange office yoga or stretching classes.
  • Organize running clubs, charity 5Ks, and team sports promoting movement.
  • Such tactical partnerships introduce members to specialized wellbeing resources while providing revenue shares and cementing your space as profoundly supportive.

Maintain a health-conscious environment 

Evolve space design and equipment considerations to bolster healthy habits:  

  • Install air purifiers and live plants balancing oxygen flow.  
  • Provide adjustable desks, yoga balls, and standing desks.
  • Add infrared saunas, nursery rooms, and living walls with research-backed benefits.    
  • Ensure natural light, vibrant colors, and sensory design.
  • Supply free healthy snacks and beverage alternatives like kombucha, coconut water, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits replacing vending machine candies.   

Data shows that environmental cues significantly sway behaviors over time to favor better choices when conveniently accessible.

Create a mentally healthy coworking space

We sat down with Laura Shook Guzman to hear how coworking operators can make their spaces mentally healthy workplaces, and how coworking leaders can better support their team’s mental health.



Programming to promote balance

Wrap well being directly into standard community programming too:

  • Host lunch and learns showcasing nutritionists, authors, and athletes.  
  • Screen inspiring documentaries and TED Talks on mind/body topics with group dialogue.
  • Discuss productivity habits during fireside chats thatdon’t glorify grind culture.
  • Share member profiles and stories centered on self-care victories, creativity sparks, and work-life balance perspectives. 

Consistent messaging matters in preventing burnout and nurturing sustainability.

Measure wellness impact

Most crucially, deploy post-event and space experience surveys to gauge how offerings land with members and where to improve. Quantify productivity changes, self-reported health STATUS, stress levels, lifestyle upgrades, and other critical markers tied to your efforts. Lean on the data to champion member well being further.

The survey statistics confirm operators understand that cultivating community demands tending to even subtle signals around member health and contentment by taking an active support role. 

Coworking spaces entertaining loftier goals around life enrichment beyond business deliverables stand primed to thrive. After all, people don't seek out third spaces merely for amenities, but for the care, inspiration, accountability, and purpose realized in community.

Wellness programming provides the foundation to change lives at scale.

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