5 hacks for your coworking space


Coworking spaces are all so unique, and your community needs are very different from other operations. But sometimes inspiration comes in surprising places. Here is a quick list of things we’ve seen around the coworking world and wanted to share.

Put carpet on the underside of your desks and conference tables

In a recent forum, a coworking owner expressed concern over the noise in her conference rooms. She didn’t want to put carpet on the floors, but another member of the forum suggested carpet on the underside of the conference room table, in addition to sound absorbing panels on the walls. Worth trying?

Create “office hours” for your members at a specific desk where they can pitch their business

So many members of coworking spaces are solo-preneurs, professionals that are a brand unto themselves. These service providers may join coworking spaces in homesof networking and creating a pipeline of customers.

Offer a specific area or table for “office hours” that each member can host, offering intro conversations or short pitches for their services. Accountants, coaches, consultants, and other service providers can sign up for set days and times in a place that won’t bother other members.

Offer a signup list to let members become the ‘DJ for the day’

In another recent discussion with coworking operators, the subject of the background music was a surprising source of frustration. While operators all shared their favorite playlists and services, one idea was suggested that community managers assign music duty to a different member, allowing them to have ownership over the playlist for a set period of time.

Take on a local problem and host a ‘hackathon’ 

This undertaking isn't quite a hack, but we are talking about hacks and it seemed fitting. Hackathons aren’t only about technology. They’re really about a concentrated effort toward a singular issue in a short period of time. 

Does your community have an issue with litter? With limited resources for teens? With a lack of civic engagement? Host a hackathon to invite the community in to share their ideas. Throw everything on the board. Read more about arranging and running effective hackathons here. 

Set up an accountability partner program

Like the solo-preneurs in the office hours idea, those same professionals are often on the hook for their own task list. Outline goals and sticking to them is a challenge when the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

An accountability partner is simply another person who has agreed to check in with you and see that you’ve done what you set out to do. This could be a person to go on daily walks with when you want to be more active. Other times they are a person who also wants to eat healthier lunches instead of always going for takeout. Or it can be another professional where you exchange your list of goals and report on status, with varying levels of coaching and praise.

Offer a signup method for your coworking space members to indicate they want a partner and what kind of accountability they are looking for. Play matchmaker or let them select for themselves!

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