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Automate these 3 tasks for your coworking space

On average, we each spend three hours a day on tasks that we do the same way, over and over and over. Especially coworking and flex space managers.

Everyday they have to juggle a massive and varied task list that spans departments and responsibilities. From daily operations to member needs to business development and staff management, the jobs are wide ranging and time-consuming.

These repeatable tasks should be automated, giving coworking space operators and managers valuable time back in their day. 

But which tasks should be automated? We’ll look at three.

Automate billing and invoicing for your space

It might seem preferable to invoice members directly, sending links to PayPal or firing off invoices from Quickbooks. But as your space grows and you add services, you need to streamline your billing to make it easier on members and management to know what is due when. Plus, with various membership levels, billing and invoicing gets complicated quickly.

Unless you have an automated system. The Coworks automated billing platform is flexible and robust, designed to help reduce hands-on time. The platform integrates with Quickbooks for accurate accounting and works with Stripe or ACH transfers. Managers can create custom billing plans based on room usage, team size, and hour allotments. Configure automated payment reminders to prevent failed payments.


Coworks makes it easy to pause and resume memberships. You can offer flexible payments for members, such as monthly, quarterly or annually. And members manage their own billing details in the Coworks app.

Automate check-ins for members and guests

What’s one of the hardest things for coworking space managers to do? Sit still! 

The to-do list is never ending, and being stuck at the front desk is not the highest and best use of a community manager’s time.

But from an operations standpoint, it’s important to know who is using your space and at what times. You want to provide an efficient and easy experience for guests who are visiting members. And you want to quickly welcome prospects who want a tour.


The Coworks platform includes a check-in app that runs on a Tablet. The app allows members to check in when they arrive, giving you an accurate measurement of occupancy and traffic. Then guests who arrive to see members can check in and alert the person they are there to see. (Coworks also automates lead capture when guests check in, adding them to the lightweight CRM.)

Automate onboarding and frequently asked questions 

It’s always exciting to welcome new members to your community, but it’s also a lot of effort to get them up to speed. Coworks helps automate your onboarding with a dedicated Resources section. 


Customize the content in the Member App, including everyday items such as access to the space, Wifi information, how to make coffee, etc. Then include helpful local details, such as parking information and recommended lunch options.

Give your community managers back time for what matters 

The community manager of a coworking space isn’t an administrative role. The right technology can free your coworking space manager to focus on work that is of high value: cultivating the community, serving members, and growing the business. And last but not least, carving out space for rest and recharge.

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