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WEBINAR: Performance Metrics for Coworking Operators

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Are you a coworking space operator wondering how your business is really doing?

Do you want to invest in your space but aren’t sure where it makes sense?

Can reports and spreadsheets make you feel ill?

Then we hope you will carve out 30 minutes for the upcoming webinar, "Performance Metrics for Coworking Operators."

Moderated by Phil Vanderwoude, COO of Coworks, and featuring Michael Abrams of Flexspace Advisors as our expert guest, this live webinar promises to be truly informative and actionable for coworking space operators of all sizes.

Tuesday, May 21st, at 1 PM ET, will be the in-depth exploration of the essential performance metrics that every coworking operator should know. Register here. It’s free.

Whether you're a startup, a landlord, or an established coworking space, this webinar will provide you with the insights and tools you need to optimize your operations and drive revenue growth.

During the webinar, Michael Abrams, a seasoned expert in flexible workplace solutions, will share his knowledge and deep expertise. He'll guide us through the key performance indicators that are critical for understanding your business's operational efficiency and financial health. From occupancy rates to revenue per available desk, you'll get a comprehensive understanding of the metrics that matter most.

Abrams previously spoke with Coworks CEO DeShawn Brown about the 10 Reasons Flex is the Fix for CRE

Vanderwoude, as the COO of Coworks, a leading platform for coworking space management, will also share his insights and experiences from what he’s seen from Coworks users. Together, they'll provide attendees with a "punch list" for success, equipping operators and managers with the strategies and tactics you need to optimize your revenue streams and operational efficiency.

And not be intimidated by your data.

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your coworking business and see what’s really happening. Register now for the live webinar and be part of an engaging Q&A session, where you can get your burning questions answered by our experts. Can't make it live? No problem! By registering, you'll also receive access to the webinar replay, ensuring you don't miss out on this valuable content.

Join us on May 21st and unlock the secrets to a thriving and profitable coworking business.

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