What is Space-as-a-Service?

I don’t have to buy a car, I can use Lyft or Uber.
I don’t need to buy a vacation home, I can use AirBnB.
I don’t have to hit the grocery store, I can use Postmates.
I don’t need to buy music, I can lease it from Spotify.

These days, shared services are part of our everyday life. Mobile, modern, and often monthly, these services are part of a larger shift in consumer behavior. As needed, on demand services change how we live.

And when we don’t need them anymore? We cancel. We unsubscribe.

Coworking started as a place for the ‘unofficed’ to do their work in a place that was a step up from the kitchen table. WeWork made the concept more common and more of a cultural phenomenon. And now, coworking is ready for its next evolutionary phase to a service.

At first, the global coronavirus pandemic shut the entire concept of working in an office down, much less working in a shared public office space. But as the world reopens, coworking takes on a new role in a new paradigm of what it means to go into an office. For much of the global workforce, the expectations of office usage won’t go back to pre-COVID settings. The coworking model of space on demand has more and more appeal to larger organizations that want to manage overhead costs while giving employees flexibility. This is space-as-a-service.

Coworking is part of a service-driven wave. It’s the definition of Space-as-a-Service or SPaaS.

When business managers look at a coworking model/hybrid workspace, they can better control costs, investments, and overhead. With Space-as-a-service, membership replaces rent, and can include furniture, cleaning, wifi, and the basic essentials to run a business.

Space-as-a-service combines aspects of hospitality, retail, and commercial real estate into a friendly, affordable and flexible package that allows a business to move in and get working on day one.

And most importantly, each coworking or space-as-a-service business model needs a space management platform. With backend and front end functionality, Coworks delivers the operational needs of owners and managers as well as the experiential that members look for.

At Coworks we provide the tools to help managers and members thrive in and manage these spaces. And we couldn’t be more excited about the future of space-as-a-service.

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