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Coworking survey reveals how managers cultivate community

This is an installment in an ongoing series highlighting statistics from a recent Coworks survey of coworking space operators and managers. The goal is to illustrate the scope of their daily responsibilities and answer the question, "What is the most effective method you use to foster connection among your members?"


These insights reaffirm that curating direct interactions between members drives community cohesion, especially for remote workers facing isolation. 

Stats also show stronger ties: a 2022 Deskpass study found 71% of coworking members interact and network with peers at their space. Let's explore inventive ideas to spark more beneficial collisions.

Make it a plan to make personal introductions

Sparking meaningful introductions requires insight into your member backgrounds and needs. But you don’t want to be too intrusive when you onboard new members… how do you strike a balancing act of being interested but respectful?

Beyond simplistic member spotlights, consider incorporating some "getting to know you" profile questions to reveal more personality around quirky or inspiring aspects fostering authentic bonds. 

Sample questions could include::

- What do you geek out on that most people don't know about? 

- If you could have any fictional mentor, who would it be and why?

- What motto or quote inspires how you work?

- Describe a perfect weekend for restoring creativity.

You can integrate such questions into new member surveys, consultations, or prompts via your Coworks member app

Make populating profiles fun versus a chore by creative quick audio interviews for folks less keen on writing essays. Video snippets work too. You can gamify completion of the questions with rewards and prizes.

But then make sure you act on the information you collect. Most importantly, directly utilize these insights to spark more vulnerable sharing opportunities around failure lessons learned, meditation sessions on imposter syndrome, small dinner parties around favorite foods or films, etc. 

Programming grounded in real personalities, passions, and quirks far supersedes generic networking. The rewards expand well beyond business synergies into lasting friendships and mentorships that cement community loyalty too.

So take the time to gently unearth who people truly are or aspire to be. Those narratives hold the keys to unlocking coworking's ultimate superpower — forging human connections that change lives.

Continue to offer creative networking events

While mainstay happy hours certainly have networking purpose, shaking up formats ignites fresh connections.

  • Host morning concerts featuring member musicians 
  • Facilitate themed small dinner parties  
  • Organize weekly coworking carnivals with games
  • Invite student groups and nonprofits for community dialogues

Rotate creative offerings to consistently surprise and delight member curiosity beyond traditional business meetups.

The Deskpass 2022 survey found that a majority of members feel their most valuable connections happen during conferences, training seminars, open houses, and new member orientations too.

Ideas for public events at your coworking space

There are many different types of events that can be held at a coworking space, ranging from workshops and seminars to networking events and social gatherings. 



The real ROI of a coworking community    

What’s really in it for your coworking business if you foster deeper community connection? Stats validate how interpersonal community directly fuels critical business metrics like retention and referrals.

  • 70% of members say peer accountability boosts their productivity according to Deskpass
  • 89% of independently employed people feel happier after joining a coworking space, per TeamStage.io. What is more, 83% of respondents said they feel less lonely.
  • 62% of home workers lack companionship per Buffer's 2022 State of Remote Work Report

Fostering authentic community delivers measurable value-adds while addressing remote worker loneliness as traditional offices decline. The future of work depends greatly on spaces facilitating the types of trusting cross-functional professional and personal relationships impossible via dispersed Zoom calls.

Coworking community has always mattered — but will only increase in importance supporting flexible decentralized teams. That makes introducing members and activating engaging programming mission-critical initiatives rather than nice-to-have efforts.

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