Join me at GCUC to talk nontraditional coworking

I won’t get tired of saying it: Coworking doesn’t always look like coworking

And now I'm thrilled to be leading an interactive roundtable at GCUC North America this April on this topic: nontraditional coworking models. As much as I love the energy and diversity of a big beautiful coworking space, we also see significant growth in these narrower, more niche communities. 

Over time at Coworks, I've worked with spaces built around groups as wide-ranging as musicians, therapists, cat lovers, and interior designers. Each of these spaces meets the unmet needs of an underserved group. They forge meaningful connections and facilitate collaboration and innovation tailored to their members.

The niche coworking movement is growing. As automation takes over routine tasks, humans have more bandwidth to pursue their passions. And niche spaces speak to those passions, connecting members around shared affinities. That deep resonance and sense of belonging keeps members engaged and retained.

At my GCUC roundtable session, I'll share specific strategies to identify and serve specialized member bases within a broader coworking community. We'll cover best practices around attracting niche members, fostering community, designing spaces, planning events, and more.

DeShawn Brown CEO Coworks

Some key takeaways participants can expect:

  • How to spot "white space" niches in your region primed for a tailored coworking space
  • Low-cost ways to test niche concepts and gauge member interest 
  • Key community onboarding techniques to quickly build tight bonds
  • Space design and programming tips to enhance interactions and collisions
  • Tech stack guidance — automation is crucial for freeing staff to focus on community
  • Monetization models that work for niche spaces vs. general spaces

The workshop is interactive. It will feature open peer sharing to collectively deepen our understanding. I highly encourage attendees to share their own niche community successes or challenges. The diversity of perspectives will enrich everyone's thinking on this growing segment of the flexible space industry.

I'm a strong believer that specialized communities are the future of work space creation. Even as automation transforms the labor landscape, we humans still yearn for identity, purpose and belonging. Well-crafted niche coworking communities offer this. 

All coworking spaces, whether mainstream or niche, face the same operational challenges around billing, access control, meeting room booking, and more. Coworks' software seamlessly handles these functional needs so space teams can focus on building meaningful community connections.

The niche spaces that use Coworks as their operational engine free the managers to curate the specialized experiences that make their spaces shine. Coworks integrates smoothly with niche communities' unique needs around member profiles, access permissions, surveys, event programming, and more.

GCUC almost always sells out, so register soon to reserve your spot at this forward-thinking roundtable. I welcome coworking enthusiasts of all backgrounds to join as we envision the niche communities of the future. With passion, authenticity and the right technology, we can create specialized spaces that foster both purpose and human connection.

I can't wait to explore unique community innovation with you in Salt Lake City this April!

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