Back to the future… of work!

Back in May last year, we highlighted some of the reasons coworking is a large part of the future of work. And just last week, there was a fascinating article from Psych News Daily, reviewing a couple of small studies of people that worked from home (WFH). The results validated why coworking is back and more relevant than ever.

The results also show why your coworking operation needs to get the flux capacitor ready and revup your marketing engine, because we are going back to the future…of work.

34% of WFH said they would rather quit than return to the office.

That feels extreme but it says so much about the experience of commuting, of being limited to a single location, and of working within the restrictions of a traditional office.

76% of surveyed WFH folks reported they have improved relationships with coworkers by never seeing them.

There is so much to unpack there, but it begs the question that a middle ground exists that can help team members be together when they need to be.

49% would prefer a hybrid work arrangement, dividing their time between the office and another location.

Great news for coworking and flex office space operators. You have an important role to fill for organizations that want to deliver on what employees want.

26% said they want to remain fully remote.

Did someone say hot desking? Not everyone has a separate home office.

25% wanted to return to a full-time office situation.

We don’t need these people. Besides, they’re weird.

What does this mean for coworking space managers?

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to open up your pipeline for members. Reach out to your neighbor businesses and your local Chamber of Commerce. Can you support their employees’ desire to have a remote option? Yes you can! Need to form an alliance with other independent coworking spaces? We can help!

What does this mean for CRE owners/operators?

Yours is a well documented struggle as employees push for alternatives to coming into an office. The pandemic and (arguably) over-aggressive business practices wrecked a few of the large coworking brands and left you literally holding the bag.

But that’s changing. We’ve heard office building owners and operators are commiting 10-30% of their vacant space to coworking. Some are talking to consultants, others rely on local operators, and others still are undertaking it on their own.

What does this mean for employers?

The key word is ‘flexibility’ and it’s going to be a differentiator for employers. Embrace the demand. Get to know your community of coworking spaces so you can lean into support for your workforce. You can also roll out hot-desking and co-working facilities in your own office for your employees. Maybe your landlord would like to deploy some of that prime office space you have to coworking space. Deals are being made right now.

Of course, Coworks is happy to help in any of these situations, with a simple, streamlined solution for managing dynamic communities with optimized operations and an excellent experience.

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