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Coworks software now works with Brivo access control

The member experience of your coworking community starts at the door. It’s not about the kind of door. It’s about how it opens — and closes.

Coworking spaces need to offer ease of access, but also need to control who can get in and out. You want your members to feel free to come and go at their speed and pace, but also safe and secure at a desk or leaving their belongings behind.

Now things get technical. Often, spaces lack a comprehensive access control system to monitor and manage who has access to their space because it’s daunting and yet another expense. But we’re here to say: it’s easier than it looks, and will save you money at the end of the day.

Members walk in and check in with Brivo and Coworks

You want to provide a secure space, but you don’t want to slow members down with keys or doorbells. You want to track traffic and usage, but you don’t want to slow members down with lengthy check-ins.

Have I got good news for you…

With Coworks and Brivo, members enter your space and are automatically checked in. No redundant systems and no slowing down.

Brivo access control is the original cloud-based access control solution trusted by millions to protect their business from unauthorized access. From keycards and fobs to smartphones and smartwatches, Brivo can provide secure access into restricted areas and can even include cameras to monitor activity within and outside your flex space building. 

Brivo access helps you manage user permissions easily, so you can pre-determine who has access to specific areas of your facility and when they have it.

Brivo Access Control for coworking spaces works with Coworks coworking software

Robust technology is great unless it’s too hard to use. But technology like Coworks coworking software with Brivo access control systems is all about usability. You can keep your members safe while giving them free flowing access. And your community managers only need to use one platform to manage both aspects of the operation.

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