What is Coworking? A digital workforce revolution.

Usually when you’re sharing something— your sandwich, your apartment, your toothbrush— it’s not pleasant. So sharing your workspace may seem undesirable, but learning how coworking culture breeds success might just change your mind. That’s why we set out to answer the question, “What is Coworking?”



Coworking isn’t just a work-related concept, but a movement. It’s the notion that building a strong community in the place we spend about a third of our lives is necessary. Coworking spaces are designed to be incubators of creative thought and entrepreneurship.

Coworking came into existence, not to reject the corporate world, but to improve upon it. What many people seek out in their work environments is flexibility and that is what coworking communities strive to provide. Coworking spaces come equipped with numerous resources and amenities that aid in increasing a professionals quality of life while in the work place. This includes a community network of other business professionals to support your vision, conference rooms to hold conferences, and other resources like beer to fill the gaps!

But where did coworking originate?

Background of coworking

The first coworking community iss thought to have been created in San Francisco in 2005 by Brad Neuberg. Brad may not have been the first person to create the concept of a shared work environment, but he is credited with coining the term “coworking.” At this point, coworking was not the household name that it is today, so few people reached out to join Brad’s space. However, as time passed Brad’s vision of a community office environment began to spread.

Coworking is now a global phenomenon that has helped advance topics in technology, medicine, business, and many other fields.

Looking forward

Coworking spaces are expected to see rapid growth in the next 5 years and it’s easy to see why. New and mature businesses are allotted the option to scale their teams and clients as they see fit. Those doing personal development and freelance work are also able to connect to like-minded people as they work on themselves, their business, or the launch of their product.

All of this is also done in the midst of talented people who push each other to succeed.

Are you new to coworking and want to learn about other spaces? Check out our blog! Do you run your own coworking space? We’ve built some software that can help you!

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