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How to use a Day Pass as lead generation for your coworking space

We are in a free trial world. Individuals and companies will want to try your space out before they sign up for a membership. And Day Passes are the perfect way to introduce them to your space, let them experience your community, and get them into your lead pipeline.

Technically speaking, a Day Pass is a one-time purchase that allows non-members to work out of your space for a daily rate. Day Passes can also be a great way to capture supplemental revenue from travelers in your area in need of workspace or anyone in need of short term work space.

Gyms and other fitness centers do the same thing. Often they’ll offer a 7-day pass, which is also something you could consider for your coworking space.

Advertise your Day Pass options

It’s great to offer a Day Pass. But you have to let people know about it.

Create awareness around Day Passes. If you’re doing digital advertising, make sure to mention in your call to action that people can come try out your space.

If you do print advertising, look for locations with your target audience: the local airport, friendly coffee shops, the bus station, or universities. You can include a Day Pass as auction items or donated services for local organizations and charities.

You can also create a referral program with your current members, who can offer their friends Day Passes to come try out your space. Maybe you can even structure an incentive program for referrals!

How to use the Day Pass feature in the Coworks platform

When you operate your coworking space with Coworks management software, Day Passes are simple to create and manage.

Give your Day Pass a creative name, add a photo or your logo, and include a short description.

Coworks coworking software day pass interface

Coworks will generate a checkout link for you. The checkout link will display your Day Pass rate, the description, the photo and include a form to capture the customer’s information and automatically collect payment. Your Day Pass user will also check a box agreeing to your space’s terms of service.

Once a user has successfully purchased a Day Pass, they will receive an email confirmation with receipt of purchase. And your team will be notified of a day pass purchase and contact information will go directly into your CRM as a prospect.

Schedule a demo

Let the Coworks team show you how the platform works and can help grow your coworking business.



Have a plan to nurture each coworking space lead

So what happens after the person has used a Day Pass? Well, you just have to cross your fingers and hope they come sign up for a membership.

Just kidding — you stay top of mind with marketing! They’re in your CRM now, you can email them updates. Ask them to join your Facebook group. Target them with digital ads. Invite them to upcoming events and special opportunities. Make sure you communicate all the benefits of being part of your coworking community. Which they undoubtedly will want to be!

For Coworks users, moving a user from prospect to subscriber is a one-click process. No need to re-enter their information or re-capture payment data.

Happy coworking!

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