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Community Spotlight: HQ Raleigh

This week, we welcome HQ Raleigh to Coworks! HQ Raleigh is an innovative space, started in 2012, in downtown Raleigh that has been at the forefront of changing the coworking industry in Raleigh, NC. They have grown tremendously in the past couple of years. What started as one location in the Warehouse district, has become one of the fastest growing coworking spaces in the Triangle.

HQ Warehouse

The entrance at HQ Warehouse

In the last few years, they have expanded to 3 locations: HQ Warehouse, HQ Capital Club, and HQ Glenwood. These spaces are each unique in their own way. The Warehouse building is a beautiful space (pictured) and is currently the headquarters of the Coworks team! Capital Club, built in 1929, is a historic Raleigh landmark. HQ expanded to Capitol club in 2016 after the need for more event and office space. HQ currently occupies 5 floors. The final space, HQ Glenwood, is a huge coworking space run in tandem with Centerline Digital. A modern space by design, this location offers entrepreneurs around Glenwood ave access to HQ’s valuable resources.

Since 2014, the Coworks team has been members of HQ Raleigh, and late last year, became a Suite holder of the warehouse campus! We are super excited to play a part in this thriving community of entrepreneurs. HQ Raleigh uses Coworks to manage all of their campuses and have loved the simplicity it has brought.

This is going to save us so much time! I’m envisioning that we literally get people to join the app while they are sitting with us at orientation and we walk through it with them. – Jess, Director of HQ Raleigh

We’ve tried several other coworking space software and CoWorks is the only solution that was easy to use and had everything in one place. – Preet, Community Manager at HQ Raleigh

So without further ado, we send a warm welcome to HQ Raleigh from the Coworks team and look forward to what we will accomplish together.


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