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Quick Guide: Choosing the best coworking management software for your community

For coworking space business owners, it’s paramount to choose a coworking management software solution that can fully support their business. That said, when juggling running a coworking space, sometimes at multiple locations, it can be hard to carve out the time and the mental energy to consider the pros and cons of various software solutions. 

Working with coworking spaces all over, we’re used to helping business owners navigate the ins and outs of choosing a software solution. Over the years, we’ve heard some of the key questions that business owners have for our software and have identified the most useful traits that business owners are looking for. With that experience in mind, we wanted to make a guide of key questions to ask yourself when evaluating different coworking management software solutions. Read through the guide to figure out how to choose the best software for your community!

1. Does it offer mobile-first design?

As a coworking facility, you should always consider how your potential customers and tenants experience your website and your facility’s app on their mobile devices. As Statista reports, 

“According to a survey conducted in February 2021, nearly half of the respondents stated that on average they spent five to six hours on their phone on a daily basis, not including work-related smartphone use. A further 22 percent of respondents said that they spent three to four hours on average on their phone daily.” 

With people spending so much time on their phones for work and play, it’s crucial to have a system that can support your coworking space community with a fully integrated app. Coworks supports an app not only for handling desk and office memberships and running events, but also to help the tenants and members in your community to connect. This means that when people work in your space, you’re also building a community of people that can work together to support each other’s businesses. When you have software that supports this kind of mobile support and connection, your coworking space can become that much more valuable to future tenants.  

2. What automations does the coworking management software offer?

At Coworks, we believe in the power of working smarter not harder, which is why we make sure we have automation built into our software to serve coworking space business owners. Coworking software should be able to help you streamline your operations and a key way to do that is by automating some of your more tedious day-to-day tasks. That’s why, when you’re investigating different coworking software options for your flex space, you should take a look at what types of automation the software supports. 

With Coworks software, we help businesses work smarter not harder by: 

When you don’t have to do these tasks manually, you can save time and actually focus on running your business. Check how other coworking software helps automate different aspects of your business and figure out which automations can help you run your business that much better. 

3. How does the coworking management software support community and engagement?

Coworking spaces offer so much more than a place to work. Individual remote workers and business owners choose coworking spaces because they offer the chance to work in a larger community. The networking events and lunch and learns, paired with the resources that your facility offers, are what provide the most value for future tenants. That’s why, when you’re looking at coworking management software, you should take a look at what services it offers to manage both your facility and the community. 

At Coworks, our software is designed to make it easy to find and schedule time for use of the resources in your space. This same booking tool lets you offer space to outside guests and organizations who can book rooms right on your website. That way, you can serve both your tenants and the broader community at large. This opens up your space to have networking events and speaking engagements to help serve the coworking community. With events like this in mind, Coworks software also helps you organize, promote, manage, and measure events in your space. Having features like these mean that you can better serve your members’ needs and that you can bolster the community with special events. 

When you’re looking at coworking management software, even if you don’t choose Coworks, you should make sure the software of choice has capabilities like this so that you can handle the necessary bookings and events for your community. 

4. Does it have integrations for services you already use?

If you’re looking for coworking software, you might have already started using a collection of different services to manage your business in the meantime. Just because you’re considering moving to management software doesn’t mean you have to lose some of the software you are loving using. That’s why it’s important to examine what software potential coworking management software plays well with to see how you can easily transfer to a new system. 

Because Coworks is integrated with Zapier, it connects to 5000+ apps, some that you might already use in your coworking space. Having integrations like this means that you can utilize the automations and workflows you already use with various apps and have them work within your management system.  

When you take a look at potential software solutions, investigate what integrations the app offers to see how it can help streamline your business and your transition to using the software. Once you figure out what automations and apps you can take advantage of with the coworking software, you can determine how well it can work with your business. 

5. Is the coworking management software built to scale?

The most important part of coworking software is that it is designed to grow with your business. You don’t want to be shackled to a coworking software that doesn’t work for multiple locations or one that doesn’t support the maximum number of tenants. That’s why Coworks is designed to support multiple coworking campuses and grow as your business scales up. 

From being able to customize the branding and imagery on each campus to creating campus-specific events, to setting up location-specific billing plans — you should be able to grow across all of your different locations. Choosing software like Coworks that can support your growth will allow you to open multiple locations and build a stronger enterprise. 

Ready to choose a coworking management software for your space?

Of course, this is just a quick overview of what you need to consider when choosing a coworking management software solution. If you’re in partnering with Coworks, we’d be happy to talk to you further about our software solution. 

​​Our mission at Coworks is to empower coworking space owners and operators, through automation, analytics, and communication to optimize their business and enhance the community experience, so they see growth in their space. We strive to make coworking more accessible and more efficient for all and to be the driving force and brand for the future of work. Coworks is not just a software platform, it is the engine behind a shift in the workplace, a culture shift. We are building a community and redefining the workplace and employees of tomorrow with attention to detail and a focus on innovation.

Learn all about Coworks on our features page or watch a short demo to get started!

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