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Be inspired by these coworking space design interiors

Interior design can have a powerful effect on people. The way a space looks and is laid out can quite literally make or break its effectiveness, especially for coworking spaces. 

Coworking spaces are the front line of productivity aesthetics. And each space sets out to convey its brand, its culture, and the spirit of the members it hopes to attract — all with design, furniture, and flow.

Coworks users represent a wide array of styles and designs, and we wanted to spotlight a few. Each has a unique approach to enhancing a culture through office planning and interior design. 

Thrive Coworking (formerly Coworking Station) in Holly Springs, North Carolina

Coworking Station in Holly Springs, NC uses Coworks software

Holly Springs is one of three locations for Thrive Coworking (formerly Coworking Station), and each looks slightly different. This location is in a new downtown corridor of mixed use retail and residential. The space leverages a use of industrial elements like sliding doors and exposed ductwork, soft furnishings like comfy couches and throw pillows, and frosted glass to allow outer office light to find its way into the interior.

Thinktank Coworking in Biddeford, Maine

ThinkTank Coworking in Biddeford Maine uses Coworks software

ThinkTank offers state of the art everything, from ergonomic chairs to Apple TVs to whiteboards for its members and guests. Floating or dedicated desks as well as private offices for creative professionals in Maine, also housed in a historic Paper Mill. Walking on the restored floor is like stepping into a map of the building’s history, with soaring ceilings and a warm-wood interior color scheme.

Provident1898 in Durham, North Carolina

Provident 1898 in Durham North Carolina uses Coworks software

Provident1898 is located in a historic building and is inspired by Durham’s rich legacy of Black entrepreneurs. Their tenets of diversity and inclusion are embedded in their DNA from the soil all the way up.

The design of the space conveys that big things happen there. Wide open space with nooks for private work speak to free-flowing ideas and conversations. 

Gran Merci in New York, New York

Gran Merci coworking in new york uses Coworks software

Housed in a former Pawn Shop, this midtown-Manhattan coworking space reflects its roots. Eclectic furniture and a neon “We Buy Gold” sign serve to connect the present to the past, as remote workers in New York find daily desk space for themselves in the Gran Merci.

Ethos Society in Los Angeles, California

Ethos Society coworking in Los Angeles uses Coworks software

The Koreatown location of Ethos Society was designed by world-class firm Gensler. The design team describes the overall approach as follows: “The space evokes the client’s dreamer spirit with its lighter, dreamlike state-inspired color palette and saturations that transition from light to dark. Infused with hospitality-inspired finishes, as well as airy and dreamy details such as freckled terrazzo, Ethos Society’s bespoke coworking space features high-end furniture with a design that nods to the lighter palette and aesthetics of Los Angeles as a creative hub.”

Creative design ideas for your coworking space

As we went through the visual tours of Coworks customers, we did find many commonalities. Though presented with unique design elements and aethetics, often coworking spaces include the following elements:

  • Areas for open, collaborative conversations
  • Private spaces for individuals or one to one discussions
  • Booths or pods for phone calls and video conferences
  • Variable spaces that call for creativity: lofts, pillow dens, sittable stairs, even slides make for fun experiences that allow thinkers to be more free


Coworks users aren’t unique in having a specific design approach, but we love to celebrate the coworking operations that use our platform to manage their inventory and connect their members. 

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