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5 reasons to use coworking management software for your facility

In our work providing coworking management software, we’re well aware that now more than ever, workers and employers are looking into coworking spaces. According to a study conducted by Coworking Resources in 2020, the number of coworking spaces around the world was projected to reach almost 20,000 in 2020 and cross over 40,000 by 2024. 

While the industry did take a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the study predicted the industry to “rebound and develop even more rapidly from 2021 onwards, with a yearly growth rate of 21.3%.” With many businesses having to reconsider their remote policies this year and employees determining whether they would remain at home or in an office environment, people are returning to coworking spaces. In addition, especially in regions like Raleigh, NC, the growth of tech and startups has not slowed down. According to Wake County Economic Development

“Raleigh is home to more than 600 startup companies in a wide range of industry sectors including Software, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Design-Media, and the Internet of Things. In 2020 alone, startups in Raleigh have raised over $2.773 billion in Venture Capital investment”

With that growth and the return back to coworking, the demand for coworking spaces is rising. With that increase in demand however, comes with challenges. From handling office space to event reservations, to dealing with all sorts of management systems, membership, and access, coworking space managers have a lot to juggle.

That’s why it’s important to have a coworking management software that can handle all the needs of your facility. 

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of some of the key benefits of using specially designed coworking management software to better serve your members. 

1. Streamline events and room bookings 

For any type of facility, one of the hardest things is scheduling who’s using what room, what equipment, and what type of assistance they will need. While members may pay for offices and workspaces within the coworking environment, having access to specialized equipment and meeting rooms is a perk that many coworking spaces offer. As you grow and serve more businesses, it’ll be important to have a system to handle all of these bookings. 

At Coworks, our software offers customized room bookings and equipment bookings to help your team. In the system, you can create your inventory of spaces, offices, resources, and assets — all within your dashboard.

Then members and tenants can book what they need, when they need it, right from their mobile app. That way, there are no lost papers or forms, no back and forth email threads, no missing documentation, and coworking space mangers are always aware of who is using what and when. 

In addition, a key benefit that many coworking spaces offer is industry events. With software like Coworks, you can create engaging events within your space and easily promote those events to your tenants and startup community at large. This helps develop deeper connections between tenants to truly build a community in your coworking space. In addition, you can also get data on attendance to improve events in the future. 

2. Leverage tech tools you already use with ease

Working with startups and freelancers in the coworking community, you probably already use a variety of tools and platforms to manage your business. Managing all of these different cloud technologies and apps can make it hard to keep track of all the moving parts of your business. 

That’s why at Coworks, the digital tools that coworking space owners already use are fully integrated into the platform. That way, you can keep the systems that work for you, while having everything you need in one digital space. 

From Stripe to KISI, Google Calendar to Quickbooks, to Zapier— all of your most important workflows can integrate with Coworks. In addition, new integrations are being added, so if there’s an integration that you’re passionate about, the team would be happy to talk to you further. 

3. Connect directly with your members 

Just because your coworking space is filled with a variety of different professions and businesses doesn’t mean that your members can’t be a cohesive community. One of the many reasons remote workers and startups gravitate to coworking spaces is because these spaces provide that sense of belonging and the feel of working in an office. One of the ways to foster that mindset is a software solution that prioritizes connection. 

At Coworks, you can manage your entire tenant base from one convenient interface. With this directory, you can allow your tenants and members to connect and engage each other right from their phones. In addition, with our announcements feature, you can push text notifications, event invitations, or other timely updates to your members — right from the admin dashboard. This can help you build a deeper community reflective of the amazing work being done in your space.

4. Enable digital, contactless coworking check-in 

In this new normal, some of your members and prospective customers might prefer a contactless check in when they come to your facility. In addition, your community managers and directors onsite for your coworking space may have other tasks and may not be able to check-in every single person that comes in. With a digital management software, you can enable a convenient, contactless process that makes your check-in that much better. 

With Coworks, you can set up a tablet to welcome visitors, capture information, and schedule prospective member tours. In addition, critical data helps you stay aware of high traffic times for your business and staff accordingly. 

5. One system for all of your coworking locations 

If you have multiple coworking space campuses that you manage, it can be difficult to handle all of the different systems and processes, as well as all the clients you serve. A coworking management software solution allows you to pull all of your locations into one system and helps you know the data on all of your different facilities. This also helps your staff that work at different locations handle different problems with ease. 

With Cowork’s software solution in particular, you don’t need to have a separate account, you can just add a campus and manage all of your coworking spaces. This allows you to focus more on providing the best experiences for your tenants, rather getting bogged down in different management workflows. 

Ready to start using coworking management software?

Of course, this is just a quick overview of some of the benefits of coworking management software like Coworks. If you’re interested in utilizing software to manage your facilities, we’d be happy to help

Our mission at Coworks is to empower coworking space owners and operators, through automation, analytics, and communication to optimize their business and enhance the community experience, so they see growth in their space.

We intend to make coworking more accessible and more efficient for all and to be the driving force and brand for the future of work. Coworks is not just a software, it is the engine behind a shift in the workplace, a shift in culture. We are building a community and redefining the workplace and employee of tomorrow with an attention to detail and a focus on innovation.

Watch a short demo to learn more, then explore about Coworks on our features page and contact us to get started!

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