UPCOMING WEBINAR: 10 Reasons Flex Is The Fix For CRE

We're living in a world where the traditional office space model is being disrupted, and it's time to embrace the future of flexible, community-driven workspaces.

That's why I am especially excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar on March 19 at 1pm ET.

10 Reasons Flex is the Fix for CRE - Webinar with Michael Abrams March 19 2024 1pm ET

In this power-packed session, and the first in a series of conversations around Flex 2024, I am thrilled to welcome Michael Abrams, principal at Flexspace Advisors, He doesn’t just talk; he walks the walk, all over the country, in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, boots on the ground.

For our coworking operators out there, you know that creating vibrant, engaging spaces is the name of the game. But have you ever stopped to think about what today’s Commercial Real Estate professionals — the landlords, lenders, and asset managers — really need to hear from you? Well, get ready to find out.

Abrams is about to drop some serious knowledge bombs on the 10 key points that CRE pros should understand as they pivot towards a flex-first mindset. He’s an economist. He’s an urban planner. And he’s a coworking evangelist.

Michael Abrams HeadshotWe call him the CRE whisperer.

From feasibility studies to design services and financial projections, Abrams is going to break down the path to profitability and show CRE folks how to create an inspiring workplace ecosystem that speaks to the modern workforce.

Speaking of the CRE crew, it’s no secret that Coworks is a tenant-first platform that's designed to deliver a delightful experience for members and managers alike. From booking and billing to member directories, embedded forms, reporting, and more, Coworks is empowering flex spaces, coworking communities, incubators, entrepreneurship centers, social clubs, makerspaces, and niche operations to thrive in this new era.

You know a webinar is going to be packed with good stuff when the lead panelist says the equivalent of, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

At first, this was a 30-minute conversation. But Abrams just kept adding important data and current trends and I am going to have to cut him off at 45 minutes.

Wish me luck.

So what’s in it for you?

You'll gain insights into the importance of flexibility and choice in the modern workplace — because let's face it, the work-from-home model ain't cutting it anymore. People crave community, and that's where coworking and flex operators come in.

But wait, there's more! (I had to.) 

We're going to tackle the elephant in the room: asset managers who are stuck in the mindset of 10-year leases and traditional stability models. Spoiler alert: those days are over. It's time to embrace the future, and Abrams is going to show you how.

So, whether you're a coworking visionary or a CRE trailblazer, this webinar is a can't-miss event. Not only will you gain valuable insights, but you'll also have the opportunity to participate in a lively Q&A session and engage with like-minded professionals who are shaping the future of workspaces.

And the best part? This webinar is free. Because of course it is. But attending live is where the real magic happens. You'll get to be part of the conversation, ask those burning questions, and soak up the energy of a room full of innovators and disruptors.

Register now and secure your spot for this topical and action-oriented webinar.

It's time to go beyond the traditional office space and embrace the future of flexible, community-driven workspaces. See you there!

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