Turn coworking into a community experience with The Community Collective


Paz Pisarski 1In the dynamic world of coworking spaces, The Community Collective, co-founded by the multi-hyphenate achiever Paz Pisarski, is at the forefront of championing community as the new currency. 

With coworking environments increasingly becoming the hubs of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, the need for specialized skills in community management has never been more pronounced.

Revolutionizing community management

The Community Cohort is The Community Collective's flagship program in Australia, and has been a game-changer in professional development within many industries, especially coworking. Launched in August 2022, the program quickly gained momentum, reflecting the growing demand for expertise in community building. Pisarski's experience in transforming the coworking space at RMIT Activator and her efforts at Happy Spaces coworking underline the impact of strategic community management.

Take a deep dive into the Community Cohort

This 8-week intensive program is designed to arm professionals with the tools and strategies needed to foster a sense of belonging, facilitate collaboration, and nurture meaningful relationships within their spaces. "Community management is at the heart of the coworking experience," Pisarski said, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable spaces through a community-led approach.

Community Collective 2

Community is a verb

For those looking to elevate their community-building skills, the next Community Cohort is an opportunity not to be missed. Applications are open until Tuesday, 12 March at 12pm AEDT, offering a chance to be part of a movement shaping the future of coworking through powerful human connections and vibrant, inclusive communities.

Apply here today.

What’s next?

Just as Coworks continues to provide leading space management solutions, the insights and methodologies championed by The Community Collective are invaluable. In an era prioritizing human connection, investing in community-building skills is essential for innovation and the creation of coworking spaces where creativity, support, and innovation thrive.

Pisarski has issued the challenge: “Join us to lead the charge in creating more connected, vibrant coworking communities.” She invites everyone passionate about making a difference in the coworking world to take a bold step towards professional development and a leap towards shaping the future of work.

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