The BIPOC Coworking Alliance at the 2024 Coworking Alliance Summit

In the dynamic world of coworking spaces—a realm where innovation and collaboration intertwine—we are witnessing an inspiring evolution. This evolution speaks to the heart of diversity and community, heralded by the creation of the BIPOC Coworking Alliance and the collaborative spirit of the Coworking Alliance Summit. At Coworks, our core has always resonated with these values, believing deeply in the transformative power of shared spaces that embrace and celebrate diversity.

The soft launch of the BIPOC Coworking Alliance

In the summer of 2023, we stepped out on a journey to establish the BIPOC Coworking Alliance. This initiative was sparked by a desire to unite coworking, flex, and hybrid workspace owners, operators, and managers who either belong to the BIPOC community or ardently support it. The Alliance has a goal of acting as a hub of belonging, offering a wealth of resources, elevating expertise, uncovering opportunities, and ensuring that a myriad of voices from diverse backgrounds are not just heard but are also acknowledged and celebrated across the stages and pages of our industry.

Our goal is straightforward yet profound: to forge an inclusive community that serves as a bedrock for innovation, growth, and mutual support. 

Going all in at the Coworking Alliance Summit 

This March, the Coworking Alliance Summit, thoughtfully organized by Ashley Proctor and Hector Kolonas, will embody the essence of coworking: the belief in the power of collaboration and collective effort. This event stands out as a confluence of individuals who are not only passionate about coworking but are also advocates for community organizing, collective ownership, and the impactful role of cooperative models in creative and cultural spaces.

Ashley Proctor's insights into the summit shine a light on its purpose and potential. The Summit is not just an event; it's a forward-thinking conversation about the future of coworking. It's about exploring how coworking spaces can transcend traditional operations to impact communities on a larger scale, including innovative approaches to supporting nonprofits, fostering private-public partnerships, and connecting diverse communities, such as migrants and refugees, through supportive city and grant-funded initiatives.

A future crafted through collaboration

Ashley emphasizes the Summit's focus on collaboration, innovation, and the quest for new ideas that can redefine the coworking landscape. The event is designed to be a catalyst for change, inviting attendees to think beyond the conventional and consider the broader social impact coworking spaces can achieve. The discussions at the Summit are poised to set the direction for future initiatives, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity, accessibility, and the collective scaling of impact.

With a carefully structured program to ensure accessibility and engagement, the Summit promises an interactive and insightful experience. It caters to a diverse audience, including those from rural communities who might lack access to such collaborative networks. The agenda, featuring keynote speakers and breakout sessions, is meticulously planned to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and encourage the collaborative spirit that lies at the heart of coworking.

Moving forward together

As the Coworking Alliance Summit approaches, my anticipation grows. Speaking about the creation of the BIPOC Coworking Alliance and our aspirations moving forward is not just a privilege; it signifies a critical moment for highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the coworking industry.

This summit, alongside the alliance, marks a significant step towards a more inclusive, collaborative, and innovative future for coworking spaces. It underscores the belief that diversity is our greatest strength and that our collective efforts can lead to transformative outcomes.

Joining minds for collective impact

DeShawn-Brown_headshot_2023_02 resizedI invite my fellow coworking space professionals to join us on this journey. Whether you identify with the BIPOC community or support its goals, there's a place for you within the BIPOC Coworking Alliance. Together, we can create environments that not only welcome but also celebrate the diverse tapestry of our communities.

To those attending the Coworking Alliance Summit, I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing innovative ideas, and collectively envisioning the future of our industry. This summit represents more than an event; it's a commitment to what coworking can achieve when we embrace collaboration, inclusivity, and a shared vision for making a significant impact.

Let's embark on this journey with open hearts and minds, ready to explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we can redefine the essence of coworking spaces, making them more inclusive, impactful, and reflective of the diverse world we live in.

If you are interested in being part of the BIPOC Coworking Alliance, join us here. Here's to forging new paths and creating lasting change. Let's make this journey extraordinary.

Join us online March 6th 2024, at the Coworking Alliance Summit.

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