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Listen up! Podcast studio tips for coworking spaces

You may already know this, but the team at Coworks doesn’t just build software for coworking spaces. We work out of a coworking space, too. And across the hall from our office is a podcast studio.

Jason Gillikin is CEO and Executive Producer of Earfluence, a full service B2B production agency that does everything from upfitting a studio to hosting and producing audio and video content for brands. (Spoiler: that’s CEO DeShawn Brown on his own episode of an Earfluence produced episode!) The Earfluence team built out and uses that studio across from our HQ.

Gillikin kindly agreed to chat about podcast studios in coworking spaces, providing some top tier guidance as well as breaking down shopping lists for when you’re ready to add audio services and storytelling to your office inventory.

How did you build the space here at Raleigh Founded?

"The space we’re in at Raleigh Founded wasn’t meant for audio recording. There are glass doors on either side, plus a window to the street. We’re next to a big conference room on one side and another large collaborative workspace on the other. So the first thing we did was put up some soundproofing panels.

earfluence raleigh founded podcast studio

But for coworking operators especially, it’s important to know that you’re never going to have a perfect space for recording— unless you build it from scratch. But you can find some space that is pretty good. And that means your microphones are going to be the key. Good equipment can make up for less than ideal space."

You installed another podcast studio at a Durham coworking space. How is that different?

"That space is called The American Underground, so it’s no surprise we are in a basement. There is a slide that ends right outside the door, but other than that, it’s quiet.

Because it’s a bigger room, we were getting a bit of an echo, so we put up some ceiling wave panels. Also, we put shelving in the background so any podcast that comes in there can brand itself with books, logos, plants, trinkets…whatever works for them!"

Earfluence American Underground podcast studio

How should a coworking space assess the best spot for a podcast studio?

"Honestly, a closet is the best spot! But really, as much as you might want a studio to be visible at the front of the office, put it as far from the main hubbub of the space as you can. That means less work  to do in post-production to remove background noise."

What kind of amenities and equipment should operators put in their podcast studios?

"There’s a lot to think about here, and much of it depends on how much space you have. From a visual perspective, you want a studio that’s going to show up well in video and behind-the-scenes images. 

Some decor and amenities to think about include:

  • Wall art (canvases)
  • Rug
  • Shelving
  • Plants
  • Curtains
  • Chairs or couch for off-mic guests
  • Teleprompter
  • Ring lights

For equipment, you’ll want:

  • Podcast quality microphones
  • XLR Cables
  • Mixing board
  • Memory cards
  • Mic stands
  • Cameras if you’re utilizing video
  • Tripods

It sounds like a lot, but you CAN keep it comfortable and simple. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive."

What does Earfluence do for coworking operations?

"We make our studios fully accessible to the members of the Raleigh Founded community, so they can get pristine audio at any time - for their webinars, videos, podcasts, loom videos, etc. We do everything from helping to design the studio and outfit with equipment to fully fledged audio and video production of content on behalf of the space or its members. We train members to use the studios, or if they need guidance, our business offers full-service podcast production."

You've got your podcast studio. Now what?

While the primary benefit is to provide or offer podcast equipment to your members or nonmembers for rental, your coworking space can use your studio to create content.

Keep in mind a local focus. Spotlight members or other nearby businesses. Get creative! Some inspirational titles are:

"Hometown Heroes: Shining a Light on Local Enterprises" – A podcast featuring stories of local businesses, their origins, and the contributions they make to the community.

"The Local Impact: Elevating Community Economies" – Examines how local businesses shape the economy, and the role they play in a sustainable future.

"In Your Neighborhood: Uncovering Hidden Business Gems" – A podcast that introduces listeners to off-the-beaten-path, under-the-radar local businesses that are worth checking out.

"Small Biz Big Hearts: The Human Side of Local Business" – Showcasing the personal stories, challenges, and triumphs of local entrepreneurs and business owners.

"Local Flavor: The Gastronomic Journey of Our Town" – A delicious tour of local food businesses, from restaurants and bakeries to breweries and farmers markets, exploring their histories, specialties, and contributions to local culture.

How to market your coworking space podcast studio

Once you invest in a podcast studio, you definitely want to get the word out. From the early launch to ongoing promotion, here are some ideas to get folks into the studio and creating their own audio content!

Create a launch event

Invite members and non-members to a launch party where you introduce the podcast studio. Provide live demonstrations, snacks, drinks, and a little bit of networking to keep the event fun and informative.

Share in your email newsletter

Add a section about the podcast studio to your regular email newsletters. Highlight its features, booking process, and perhaps share tips and tricks about podcasting. 

Host a podcasting workshop

Provide a free or low-cost workshop on how to make a podcast. This will serve as both an introduction to podcasting and a demonstration of your studio's capabilities.

Run a social media campaign

Use your social media platforms to share pictures, videos, and testimonials about the studio. Utilize relevant hashtags to reach a larger audience.

Partner with local businesses

Team up with local businesses and influencers that could benefit from podcasting. Offer them a discount or free session in return for spreading the word.

Create signage and flyers

Create eye-catching signage around your coworking space, and distribute flyers in the community. Local cafes, libraries, and other community spaces are often happy to display them.

Collect member testimonials

Encourage your members who've used the studio to share their experiences. You can use these testimonials on your website and in your marketing materials.

Offer a first-time discount

To entice people to try out your studio, offer a discount for first-time bookings. 

Host a podcast-athon

Demonstrate the studio's capabilities by scheduling a 24 hour, round the clock podcast marathon, with back to back slots for various users.

Add studio info to your website

Make sure information about the studio is easy to find on your website. Include photos, pricing, booking instructions, and any unique features your studio offers.

Run a contest to name your studio

Ask your members what the studio should be called. Particularly if your coworking space has themed office names!

List in podcast directories

There are many online directories for podcast resources - make sure your studio is listed in these.

Collaborate with local podcasters

Invite popular local podcasters to use your studio for free in exchange for a mention on their podcast.

Use the studio for community events

Host non-podcast related events in the studio space (if it's large enough). This can get more people familiar with the space.

Get started with podcasting in your coworking space!

Reach out to the Earfluence team and check out all the podcasts that Jason Gillikin has produced! He is definitely the one to ask.

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