Ideas for International Coworking Day Celebrations

In the vast ocean of today's work landscape, a movement has emerged like a swelling wave. International Coworking Day, celebrated annually on August 9th, marks the point where this wave reaches its peak, creating a remarkable ripple effect on the way we work, collaborate, and innovate.

Legend has it that Brad Neuberg, a software engineer with an itch for something different, dipped his toe into uncharted waters by opening the first coworking space in 2005. Little did he know that he would spark a global movement, one that has transformed the way countless entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers approach their daily grind.

But what exactly does August 9, International Coworking Day represent?

It's more than a celebration of shared spaces and desks. It's a tribute to the power of human connection, the magic that happens when like-minded individuals gather and collaborate under one roof. It's a testament to the notion that when we work together, we can accomplish far more than when we work in isolation.

The coworking phenomenon has shown us that a flexible workspace can create ripples of productivity, networking, and work-life balance. It's no exaggeration to say that coworking day is a beacon of hope for those who struggle to find their place in the traditional workplace, those who crave the freedom to work on their terms, and those who seek a community of fellow pioneers.

A young professional african american man looks at a laptop with a young professional blonde woman in glassesAs we celebrate, let's be sure to recognize the profound impact the coworking movement has on our world.

Coworking spaces have become hubs of innovation, incubators of creativity, and catalysts for change. They challenge the status quo, pushing us to rethink how we define work, success, and collaboration.

On this day, coworking spaces around the globe should open their doors to the curious and the bold. They should host events, workshops, and networking opportunities that ignite the spark of connection, foster the exchange of ideas, and inspire the pursuit of dreams.

The ripples of coworking are felt far and wide, touching the lives of those who dare to ride the wave of this transformative movement. So, let us embrace the spirit of coworking and continue to shape a future where work is no longer confined by walls or boundaries but instead, thrives in an ecosystem of collaboration, creativity, and endless possibility.

How can your space celebrate International Coworking Day?

Great news! You have time. Now. Get ahead of things and start creating a unique activation or celebration for your space so you have time promote it!

This is your moment to shine — and if you're not hosting events that attract attention, engage your community, and drive value, you'll be missing out big time. Don't just go with the flow, put your space out there! Because your members and potential members need a reason to be excited about your space. 

Throw epic networking events, host game-changing workshops, and leverage your members' skills for skill-sharing sessions — all while documenting and promoting the hell out of it on social media. This isn't the time to play it safe or be boring; it's time to be loud, bold, and genuinely authentic in how you celebrate the coworking movement.

Young professionals mingle and talk in a coworking space

Host an open house

There's no shame in keeping it simple and offering free access to your coworking space for the day — allow people to experience the benefits of coworking and the culture of your community firsthand. This can help you attract potential new members and showcase your facilities.

Organize a networking event

Invite the public to a mixer to bring together local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. Create connections among your members and demonstrate how your community fosters collaboration.

And give your event a cool name! Here are some ideas for a name and how to describe it:

"Collaborative Confluence" - Bring together the brightest minds in entrepreneurship and remote work to foster new collaborations and innovations. Participants can look forward to sharing ideas, discussing potential partnerships, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

"Synergy Sessions" - Discover new potential business opportunities and cultivate professional relationships with our Synergy Sessions event. Local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers can enjoy a night of creative networking, exchanging ideas and discussing the best practices for running successful businesses.

"Emerging Entrepreneurs" - Our Emerging Entrepreneurs event will provide attendees with the opportunity to showcase their business vision and connect with the right people to make it a reality. This is a fantastic chance to gain exposure for your startup, explore new partnerships, and engage with the broader entrepreneurial community.

Have a panel discussion or special speaker

This is especially effective if you have an event space or presentation area in your building. Invite successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, or thought leaders to share their experiences and insights on topics related to remote work or entrepreneurship. 

And we have even more ideas for names and descriptions to help you market these events. How about:

"The Workspace Revolution: Insights from Industry Leaders" - A dynamic event that brings together successful entrepreneurs and industry experts to discuss the rapidly-evolving coworking and remote work landscape. Attendees will gain key insights into the latest trends, best practices, and emerging opportunities in the world of modern work.

"The Power of Connection: How Coworking is Changing the Game" - This inspiring event features thought leaders and innovators from the coworking world, who will share their experiences and insights on the benefits of working collaboratively. Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or creative professional, you'll leave this event with practical tools and strategies for building your network and achieving your goals.

"Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age: Lessons from the Best" - Join us for an engaging discussion with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the business world. This event will explore the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the digital age, with a focus on the strategies and mindset required to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, this event is a must-attend.

Open up for a workshop or skill-sharing sessions

Professional women have a lively discussion in a coworking space

Host workshops or skill-sharing sessions led by members or local experts, focusing on topics such as time management, productivity, marketing, or personal branding. International Coworking Day is about celebrating innovation, and helping all boats rise.

Need some fun ideas of what to call it? How about:

"Collaborate and Conquer: A Day of Skills Exchange for Small Business Entrepreneurs"

"Empowering Entrepreneurs: A Skill-Building Workshop for Small Business Success"

"Building Business Brilliance: A Day of Workshops for Small Business Leaders at a Co-Working Space"

Coordinate a coworking space 'crawl'

Organize a tour of several coworking spaces in your city or region, allowing participants to experience different spaces and their unique offerings. If you're part of a coworking alliance, start with that organization for a coordinated effort across your spaces. 

Craig Baute and the Denver Coworking Alliance even created passports, offering anyone who completed the crawl a chance for a full membership at a space. 

But if you're not part of an Alliance, you can still reach out to other coworking spaces in your area to see if the operators and managers there are open to raising overall awareness about coworking.

Facilitate a collaborative public art project

For those who are looking to celebrate in a meaningful way, a collaborative art project offers the perfect opportunity to collaborate with fellow coworkers and showcase your creativity.

Whether it's hosting a painting or drawing session or designing a mural for the coworking space, the possibilities for an art-based celebration are endless. Reach out to local art studios or galleries, even colleges for guidance and participation.

By coming together and putting your heads together, you can create something truly unique and memorable while also fostering a sense of camaraderie among your community. So whether you consider yourself an artist or not, celebrate with a fun-filled art project that will leave everyone feeling inspired and connected.

Focus on a charity or community outreach

As we approach August 9, our thoughts turn to the power of collective action and collaboration.

Coworking spaces create a sense of community for people who may otherwise work in isolation. But what if we could extend this sense of community to a higher purpose? That’s where supporting local charities and nonprofit organizations comes in. Coworking spaces have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in their local communities by partnering with a cause and using all the resources at their disposal to effect change.

Welcome people who would otherwise pay for a day pass, and donate that pass amount to a local organization. Host a pop up market for makers from underserved communities. Collect non perishable food and personal items for the local shelter.

From hosting fundraising events to offering workspace to volunteers, the possibilities are endless. Take this International Coworking Day as an opportunity to give back and make a difference in the world around us.

Host coworking community awards

Your community is made up of unique people, each of whom bring a different energy to the space. Organize an award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of your coworking space members, such as "Most Innovative Project," "Community Leader," or "Best Workspace Setup."

And as ever, remember to promote these events through your website, social media, and local press to ensure a successful International Coworking Day celebration.

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