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Grow your coworking business in 2024: unique events for members

We asked coworking space operators who use Coworks about their plans for 2024 — specifically what they would do in the first quarter to set their space up for growth in the new year. You can see their first priority, attracting new members, here.

Their second priority was to take a hard look at all their digital tools, or what we call a tech stack audit.

And their third priority, and the last in our series, was offering more unique events for their members.

So let’s talk about it.

As a coworking space owner or manager, one of your top priorities for growth in 2024 should be creating unique events that bring your members together. Events are crucial for building community, fostering connections, and providing value to your members. 

More ideas for public events at your coworking space

In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular types of public events that can be held at a coworking space, as well as some tips for planning and hosting successful events.



With a new year ahead, now is the perfect time to start planning creative events that will energize your space and help your members network, learn, promote their business, tap into creativity, give back, and expand their knowledge.

Here are 10 unique event ideas to spark inspiration as you plan your 2024 coworking space event calendar:


  1. Skillshare Social - Host an evening where members can teach a skill or share knowledge on a topic they specialize in. From marketing tactics to mixology, let your members showcase their talents.


  1. Community Service Day - Organize an outing where members volunteer together at a local charity. This could involve preparing meals, gardening, building, or any hands-on service project that gives back. 


  1. Wellness Workshop - Bring in local experts to lead a yoga class, meditation workshop, or other wellness-related learning experience. Wellness supports productivity.


  1. Expert Speaker Series - Invite thought leaders in business, technology, leadership, and other relevant topics to speak at your space. Allow time for Q&A so members can gain valuable insights. 


  1. Membership Mixer - Facilitate introductions between members by hosting a structured networking event with name tags and creative ice breakers. Draw connections between complementary businesses.


  1. Showcase Soiree - Give members a chance to present their businesses through exhibits, short talks, or pitches. Host this showcase complete with food, drinks, and plenty of mingling.


  1. Creative Juices Flowing - Get your members' creative juices flowing with a paint night, improv class, or music collaboration session. Creativity crosses over into business insights.


  1. Trip Together - Organize an outing for your members to tour another coworking space or visit a museum or attraction that ties back to their entrepreneurial interests. 


  1. Lunch & Learn - During the lunch hour, invite an expert to share a quick and useful "how-to" on topics like accounting basics, social media strategy, or any tactical skill.


  1. Coworking Open House - Hold an open house event onsite to give potential new members and the local community a chance to tour your space, meet current members, and learn about the benefits of coworking.

As you can see, events offer lots of opportunities to connect members to each other, support their professional growth, and provide value as part of their membership. Brainstorm events aligned with your members' interests and needs. Plus, hands-on collaboration builds genuine relationships.

120+ coworking space event ideas

Branding and community expert Cat Johnson rounded up her favorite coworking events and asked  her network to contribute favorite and most popular events from their coworking spaces. 



With a robust event calendar filled with unique experiences, your coworking space will foster a thriving community and position itself for continued growth in 2024. This is key for boosting member loyalty and satisfaction.

Stay tuned for the rest of this three-part series on growing your coworking space in 2024. Next up: strategies for refining your workspace and amenities to attract and retain members. The future looks bright for cultivating an engaging coworking community!

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