Coworks to host top entrepreneurship centers for webinar

The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurial Centers annual event will kick off in Las Vegas at the end of October, and Coworks will be there as a sponsor.

Entrepreneurship and innovation centers at universities, colleges and other academic institutions are exciting places. It's where undergrads and graduates in multiple disciplines get up close with real founders, hands on experience with startup roadmaps, guidance from subject matter experts on branding, fundraising, and management, and a chance to pressure test their ideas and vision.

I know about it first hand, because I was part of one. 

When I first began my journey at NC State, I was looking for ways to combine computer science with entrepreneurial passion. I made friends and formed a study group with two classmates, and together we built one of the leading mobile application development firm in the Research Triangle area. 

Startup and incubation programs are often called accelerators, and for good reason. Everything happens faster there, because all the pieces and people are aligned and ready.

These programs often have physical spaces dedicated to them, and the challenges of managing those mirror the challenges we see coworking and flex offices facing: allocating spaces, automating processes, providing information , and measuring outcomes.

Which brings us to our next endeavor, an educational webinar to explore best practices and strategies to Manage the 3 Rs: Rooms, Resources and Relationships.

The webinar is Friday, November 18, 2022 at 1pm ET. You can register for your spot here.

Whether you run an entrepreneurship center, a startup incubator, or an accelerator program at your academic institution, you have the same challenges:

  • Activate the ecosystem around your campus
  • Engage with the broader business community
  • Manage and maximize your physical assets

I've got a stellar panel of experts to join me, including Haley Huie, Director, NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic, Lewis Sheats, Director, Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship, and Sara Bennett, Director, Central Community College Entrepreneurship Center.

WEBINAR graphic - no code-1

Which brings me back to the GCEC conference.

Prior to the webinar, we'll have a chance to meet with hundreds of such directors, who will be looking for solutions and strategies to grow their own programs and help nurture the next generation of leaders with big ideas and big dreams. 

I can't wait. 

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