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Cat Johnson: the story behind "The Daily Co"

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Creating a thriving coworking community can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Recognizing the hurdles and triumphs of this dynamic industry, Cat Johnson has recently introduced her latest endeavor, a new book titled, The Daily Co, designed specifically for those at the heart of coworking spaces.  

A timely creation for coworking advocates

The inception of The Daily Co was no overnight decision. As a veteran member of seven coworking spaces since 2012 and a visitor to many more, Johnson has been a firsthand witness to the complexities of nurturing a coworking community. 

She shared, "My intention with The Daily Co, which has been on my to-do list for a few years, is to give community builders little snippets of inspiration every day to keep them inspired and aligned with the incredible potential of coworking to transform lives, communities, and our world."

Her timing couldn't be better. As the coworking industry continues to expand rapidly, the need for a resource that supports the creators and managers of these spaces grows with it. Johnson's collection of inspiration arrives at a pivotal moment, offering a daily dose of motivation to those dedicated to the cultivation of vibrant, supportive coworking environments.

What The Daily Co offers to readers


When asked what readers can expect to gain from her book, Johnson emphasized that each entry in The Daily Co is infused with wisdom, insight, guidance, and heart. This makes it not just a book but a companion for those managing or operating coworking spaces, providing them with valuable reflections and strategies tailored to their unique challenges and opportunities.

Crafting the book: A process of reflection and synthesis

Johnson described her writing process as a gradual accumulation of ideas and experiences, underpinned by her comfort and fluency in writing. The book was shaped significantly through a series of starts and stops, a common journey in the creation of meaningful literature. "The trick to writing a book, I’ve learned, is just to sit down and write," she admitted, highlighting a straightforward yet profound approach to tackling such a complex project.

Throughout the development of The Daily Co, Johnson also sought feedback from other coworking operators and community builders. This collaborative effort helped refine her ideas and ensure the book resonated with its intended audience, enhancing its practicality and relevance.

The influence of a marketing background

With a rich background in writing and marketing, including a deep knowledge of content marketing, Johnson's approach to book-writing is deeply intertwined with her professional expertise. This background helped her stay focused on her audience, ensuring that the book addressed real needs and provided genuine value. 

"Marketing—specifically content marketing—definitely informs everything I do," Johnson explained. This focus not only helped guide the book’s creation process but also provided a strategy to combat doubts and maintain a service-oriented mindset.

Personal and professional growth through writing

Reflecting on how the process of writing The Daily Co has impacted her personally and professionally, Johnson said that the project compelled her to distill her expansive ideas about coworking and community into manageable, inspiring snippets. "I put a lot of heart into this project," she reflected, in hopes that this dedication and passion are palpable to readers who turn to her book for daily inspiration.

A beacon for coworking leaders

MockupThe Daily Co by Cat Johnson will not just be another book for the shelf, but it should be a workable guide for those leading the charge in the fast-evolving coworking industry. For operators and managers of coworking spaces considering hiring a consultant or seeking fresh perspectives to invigorate their communities, Johnson’s insights provide a valuable resource. This book stands as an example of the power of perseverance, community, and the transformative potential of coworking spaces worldwide.

Get your copy here. Learn more about The Lab here.

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