4 new year’s resolutions for your coworking space

new_years_resolutions_coworking_space_2022As a coworking space owner, operator, or manager, what do you hope to achieve in 2022?

We aren’t free of the pandemic by any means, but coworking and flex workspaces will continue to serve a greater need in the return to work. Employees want options for where and how they work. Employers want to attract talent with resources that empower them to work from wherever they want and can.

So here are four ways you can set your coworking space up for success in 2022:

1. Explore sustainability in your coworking space

Provide indoor bike parking. By joining a coworking space, your members are already making a choice for sustainability. They don’t have to commute as far, if at all. So if the ybike to your location, offer safe, visible parking options.

Get pre-owned furniture. While it’s tempting to fill your coworking space with the latest cool furniture designs, you can also reduce your carbon and water- footprint by sourcing pre-owned desks, phone pods, conference tables, and couches.

Look to the light. Install energy efficient lighting within your space, but also control the ambient light that comes in through windows. Use thermal film to reduce the heat impact that requires additional cooling.

Go green in the breakroom. Coffee mugs are a mainstay of coworking, but what about compostable paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Skip the individually wrapped sugar packets and snacks.

2. Join coworking networks to meet other owners and influencers

This Week in Coworking

Subscribe to the newsletter and join the weekly Clubhouse call to discuss the evolution of coworking, new innovations, and changes faces the flex space world.

Women Who Cowork

Women Who Cowork is a community for womxn and non-binary coworking space operators. Our mission is to amplify the coworking movement by providing women and non-binary people with support, resources and mentorship.

The Coworking IDEA Project

This International collective of coworking associations, community organizers and collaborative consultants share their best IDEAs to improve the coworking movement for everyone. Monthly challenges offer inspiration and create conversations around issues that impact everyone.

3. Streamline your coworking operations with Coworks

Many coworking operations put together easy and even free solutions to get up and running. And it can work. You use Google Calendar to schedule meeting rooms, keep a spreadsheet of members, and maybe even a slack channel to communicate.

But that only works for so long.

Make 2022 the year you optimize your coworking and flex space operation with one platform that does it all for you: room booking, resources, member directory, communication, event planning, external bookings and more. And that’s just the front end!

The back admin side of Coworks is your dashboard for the performance and health of your space. Monitor occupancy rates, manage rooms easily, send fast and simple notices to your community, and make billing painless for members and managers.

In fact, managers who use Coworks say they’ve gotten than 10 hours a week back to work on the activities they need to: taking care of their tenants and growing their business.

So make 2022 the year you stop duct taping together solutions and learn more about Coworks! Schedule a quick demo so we  can learn more about your space and show you how the platform can transform your operation.

4. Try new, creative ways to grow your member and tenant base 

Keep your space vibrant and revenue-positive with organic, community-based marketing methods, including:

  • A referral program for members who bring in new prospects. Thank them with a month free!
  • Connect to a local BNI as a potential member and offer your space for meetups
  • Raffle off use of a meeting space to local organizations for their fundraising events
  • Distribute day passes to local coffee shops and restaurants to hand out to folks who camp out at tables they’d rather turn over for other customers.

2022 is going to be a big year in many ways. While we can’t control much of what will happen, we can take steps to grow and connect. Coworks is here to help.

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