Now your members know their prints will come


Ezeep + Coworks = effortless printing 

With the eZeep integration, your coworking space members can print seamlessly from their own laptops, phones and tablets.

ezeep Blue for Coworking Spaces & Education offers dedicated printing apps for all major platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Members don't need to download drivers or make complicated configurations - just open the app and print!

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Why offer printing in your coworking space?

In a recent survey, printing services were a top amenity offered by indie coworking spaces. But it’s one thing to have a commercial printer on your network that anyone can use. It’s another to integrate that printer through a larger provider.

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Your staff spends less time and your members love it

Managing printers and printing credits takes time. With eZeep, you can drastically reduce admin time spent on printing logistics. Get central management of all printers from a single dashboard, easily assign access permissions, and use the ezeep Connector to set up new printers in minutes.

Flexible printing that fits how your members work

When members need someting printed nowadays, it's usually important. Your space can support flexible working with handy eZeep features for your members. They can print from anywhere with the eZeep app, use AnyPrinter to simply select the most convenient printer, or Print Later to retrieve documents when they need them. eZeep makes printing simple while keeping your systems secure - no need for VPN access.

With minimal setup, the integrated Coworks and eZeep solution creates delightful printing experiences to keep your members productive and happy while freeing up precious time for your staff.

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