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Bridging gaps, building futures: the visionary journey of Fruition MKE

In the heart of Milwaukee, a transformative project is taking shape, promising to invigorate the local community with a vibrant blend of coworking and makerspace environments that will be located at 825 N 27st, Milwaukee, WI

Spearheaded by Tiffany Miller and Rachaad Howard, Fruition MKE is poised to redefine the landscape for entrepreneurs, artists, and creators in the city with a combination coworking space, small business incubator, makerspace, and community hub. 

I had the privilege of sitting down with them and the conversation that ensued was nothing short of inspiring, shedding light on the mission of Fruition MKE, the founders' remarkable backgrounds, and their ambitious vision for the future.

A fusion of passions and professions

Tiffany Miller Fruition MKEMiller's journey from the corporate world to education and entrepreneurship is a testament to her versatile talents and unyielding drive. With a background in marketing and management, she transitioned to a career as a special education teacher, all while nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit. 

Her venture, FlyBlooms, an adornments company, alongside the Bronzville Collective — a hub for black, brown, queer, and ally makers — exemplifies her commitment to community and creativity. Her multifaceted career also spans coaching, consulting, and the arts, embodying a blend of her parents' legacies in education and marketing.

Rachaad Howard Fruition MKERachaad’s path, marked by resilience and innovation, took him from graphic design and marketing to establishing one of the city's leading black-owned t-shirt businesses, Cream City Print Lounge. His accolades, including the 40 under 40 award, Governors entrepreneur rising star award, Biz Times Notable Minority executive award and  the WI Titan Top 100 Executive Award, speak to his impact on Milwaukee's entrepreneurial scene.

Beyond business, Rachaad Howard is dedicated to mentoring young adults in entrepreneurship and creative skills, further contributing to the community's growth.

The genesis of Fruition MKE

The inception of Fruition MKE stemmed from a shared recognition of the need for a supportive space for people of color and entrepreneurs in Milwaukee. Rachaad and Tiffany , through their collaborative efforts and partnership with Near West Side Partners, have embarked on a mission to create a haven that fosters creativity, innovation, and community support. The project, anchored within the Concordia 27 development, is a beacon of innovation and transformation, offering resources, employment opportunities, and a nurturing environment for small businesses and residents alike.

Why physical space matters

For Miller and Howard, the essence of Fruition MKE lies in the creation of a physical space that transcends traditional work environments. They envision a setting where individuals can escape the confines of cubicles and isolation of home offices, offering an affordable, flexible workspace that encourages collaboration and creativity. 

This ethos is driven by the understanding that physical spaces play a crucial role in fostering community connections and facilitating the exchange of ideas.

Does commercial real estate get it?

Howards insights into the commercial real estate landscape reveal a challenging terrain for emerging entrepreneurs and creatives. 

Despite a shift towards more flexible arrangements, the prevailing focus on profit often puts suitable spaces out of reach for those just starting. Fruition MKE aims to address this gap, providing an accessible, community-oriented alternative that supports the growth and development of local businesses.

A hub of creativity and support

The programming and events at Fruition MKE are designed to cater to a diverse audience, from budding entrepreneurs to established artists. Partnerships with educational institutions, community organizations, and local businesses will offer a rich tapestry of workshops, seminars, and social events. 

These initiatives, coupled with facilities like a healthy choice cafe, retail store for entrepreneurs to sell their products and demo kitchen, aim to nurture a broad spectrum of talents and interests, emphasizing the space's role as a catalyst for innovation and career development.

Looking towards a bright future

As Fruition MKE edges closer to its fundraising goals, the anticipation among Milwaukee's creative and entrepreneurial community is palpable. The project's success hinges not only on financial support but on the collective enthusiasm and engagement of the community it seeks to serve. 

Through sponsorships and collaborations, Fruition MKE is laying the groundwork for a future where entrepreneurs are empowered, creativity flourishes, and community bonds are strengthened. And we're thrilled they chose Coworks software to manage operations.

This new coworking community and makerspace stands as a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and community engagement. Through the efforts of Tiffany, Rachaad, and their partners, a once-neglected neighborhood in Milwaukee is set to become a thriving hub of creativity and entrepreneurship. 

As they prepare to open their doors, the promise of Fruition MKE offers a beacon of hope and a model for community-driven development that cities everywhere might aspire to replicate.

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