Top 10 Cities for Coworking in the U.S.

It’s no longer a secret, the workplace is drastically changing. The coworking industry is revolutionizing the workforce by replacing cubicle farms of old. In just the last five years shared workspaces have grown at a rate of 200% and show no signs of stopping. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 24,000 coworking spaces in existence. Entrepreneurs and freelancers aren’t the only ones utilizing the advantages coworking has to offer, large corporations such as Microsoft and Sprint have begun outsourcing staff to shared workspaces.

Since the emergence of coworking in 2010, the United States has led the charge in industry growth. Over the last 8 years, the square footage of shared workspace in the U.S. has grown an average of 23% annually. Today, a Coworking space can be found in almost every city in the country. But, what cities offer the best communities, resources, and shared workspaces needed to reach coworking nirvana?

Here’s a list we compiled of the top 10 cities for coworking in the United States:

10. Denver:

coworking spaces

The mile-high city snags the final spot on our list. A prime spot for outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, Denver is home to around 60 coworking spaces. Ranked as a top 10 city for millennials by Niche.com Denver has quickly emerged as a hotspot for young startups. The progressive ideals pushed by the city have helped fuel its growth as a popular spot for entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the norm.

9. Seattle:

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The pride of the pacific northwest slides into the number nine spot on our list. With the fourth fastest growing freelance economy in the country, the demand for coworking spaces shows no signs of slowing. Around 50 shared workspaces call the Seattle-Bellevue metro area home. Survive the shortage of vitamin-D brought on by only experiencing an average of 60 sunny days per year and Seattle chalks up to be a great coworking location.

8. Atlanta:

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Atlanta takes the number eight spot on our list as the home to over 50 coworking spaces. The South’s economic powerhouse has experienced record growth over the last couple years, fueled by a healthy real estate and job market. This prosperity and abundance of resources have spread into the small business sector, making Atlanta an attractive destination to start a business and cowork.

7. Washington DC:

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Yes, the nation’s capital just so happens to be a leader in coworking. Possibly an unexpected pick for our list, Washington D.C. and its surrounding suburbs boast a little over 80 spaces. Other than being the nucleus for the U.S. government, D.C. has become a hotspot for startups.

6. Miami:

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Miami has one of the youngest coworking scenes on our list but the market is exhibiting a growth that could lead the city’s explosion as a prime coworking location in the next couple of years. In fact, according to a  Yardi Matrix study, Miami currently leads the country in coworking as a percentage of total stock, taking up 2.7 percent of the city’s 50.5 million square feet of space. Add in a vibrant nightlife and adjacency to some of the country’s most gorgeous beaches and Miami is an attractive location for entrepreneurs looking to work hard and play hard.

5. Boston:

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With over 90 spaces scattered throughout Boston and its surrounding suburbs and world class centers for higher education in the area Boston slides into the five spot on ur list. Much like Chicago, Boston has seen an explosion of new coworking spaces in the last couple years. The resources and professionals provided by Harvard, MIT, and Tufts have helped accelerate startups in the area for years. The growing number of coworking spaces will only continue to make Boston more attractive to entrepreneurs.

4. Los Angeles:

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Looking past the excessive traffic and high cost of living, Los Angeles stands as a prime location to cowork, taking the number 4 spot on our list. One of the most densely populated areas in the United States the city of Angels is also densely populated with coworking spaces. Over 150 spaces call the area home. Quality year-round weather and endless options for weekend adventures adds to the allure of planting start-up roots in L.A.

3. Chicago:

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Chicago grabs the third spot on our list thanks to the explosion of shared workspaces and incubators the city has experienced over the last couple of years. The Windy City is a coworker’s dream, containing over 120 spaces. With a vibrant social scene for young adults, prime location on lake Michigan, and role as a major air travel hub, Chicago is a no brainer for entrepreneurs seeking a home.

2. San Francisco:

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The start-up king slides into the number two spot on our list. Home to Stanford and Silicon Valley, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking a home. Over 75 coworking spaces and incubators dot the Bay Area housing these fast-growing, cutting edge start-ups.

1. New York:

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It shouldn’t be a surprise New York is number one on our list, the most populous city in the U.S. boasts a whopping 200+ coworking spaces. Despite the fact that WeWork owns 44 of these spaces, the market is still largely populated by local spaces and smaller chains. There is certainly no shortage in choices for those looking to cowork in New York. Whether you’re seeking a large community with locations around the world or a small space with a tight knit community, New York has the space. Add in the endless resources, events, and opportunities living in the city provides and New York chalks up to be the prime spot in the U.S. to share a workspace.

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